Mobile UI Rework 2.0 - Overview & Beta

Mobile UI Rework 2.0 - Overview & Beta

Time to talk about the upcoming Mobile UI Beta. Wait, what year is it?!

Yes, we’re back with a long-awaited update on the new Mobile UI! After scouring through your feedback and taking your comments on board, the team have been hard at work delivering the newest experience for Mobile with your suggestions in mind!

A new Beta begins on Thursday, June 13th around ~12pm BST, where you’ll get to experience all the improvements from the original Beta, and plenty of new features too! The Beta will be open for around three days, so you’ll have plenty of time to explore over the weekend.

For more insight into the enhanced features and customisability we’re offering this time around, check out last year’s Mobile UI Rework - Overview and Open Beta newspost – or keep reading to learn all the details!

Here are the main changes you’ll see this time:

  • Loadouts for hotkeys
  • Side-stones returning to the left (via an option, which is off by default)
  • NPC highlights and Edit Ground items hotkeys added
  • Realignment of the visual elements to be aligned and tidier
  • Chat filters button removed and moved to a long tap option

We’ll be keeping a close eye on discussion, particularly in the OSRS Mobile channel of the Official Old School Discord. At the end of this post you’ll also find a Mobile UI Beta Survey. If you choose to participate, please do fill it out – we love to hear your feedback!

How to Access the Beta


From Thursday 13th, you’ll have access to exclusive Beta worlds which use the new mobile UI.

If you’d like to use your main game save on a Beta world, we recommend first logging into a normal world and making your way to the Settings menu. Select Gameplay and scroll down to the bottom to see the new Beta worlds options.

Here, you’ll be able to convert a save for use on the Beta Worlds from a regular world or reset your current Beta Worlds save for a fresh experience. Without a converted save, you’ll be shunted back to Tutorial Island with the rest of the n00bs – although since this is a Beta World, you’ll be offered a handy teleport to the mainland if you’d like to start your adventure right away.

You'll be able to access the content in the following worlds:

  • World 585 - AUS
  • World 586 - GER
  • World 587 - UK
  • World 588 - US West
  • World 589 - US East

Once you’re done playing around in the Beta, simply switch to a normal world and resume playing!

What's New?

The screenshots in this section are taken from one specific mobile device. Spacing may vary depending on which device you’re using to play the Beta.

We’re making some pretty major changes in this Beta, but rest assured that they’ve been made while considering all kinds of different playstyles. Technical stuff aside we’ve also given the UI a new coat of paint to keep that Old School feel fresh.

Take a look below at the old and new UI layout:

Click on each image to enlarge them.

Side Stones

As you can see, the new UI has all your familiar stones on the right-hand side, in two separate columns. The first column contains panels you’ll use in high-intensity gameplay, while the second column holds all the features you use in more laid-back moments.

To prevent misclicks – and give you a bit more room – we’ve added a handy button to collapse and hide the second column, letting you truly focus on the task at hand. When collapsed, the click area of the side panels is actually wider than in the current UI, for more accurate tapping.

You’ll notice that the Logout button has moved to the top-left corner to make room for the new Collapse button. While it’s a bit weird that it now opens a panel on the other side of the screen, we feel it’s a reasonable tradeoff.

Lastly, we’ve added a background to the column, keeping the rounded shape of the buttons without any unsightly gaps between them.


The previous Beta featured small ‘Function’ buttons above the side stones on the left-hand side. They worked well for the small number of features we have in mind, but presented problems with functionality and responsiveness.

Instead, we’re using that free space to implement five custom Hotkeys which can be assigned to a vast array of settings and actions. They’re similar to the F-Keys you’ll find on your regular Desktop client, except with more configurable options. This change also opens us up to adding more features – always good news!

The biggest difference you’ll see this time around is that you can now set any Hotkey that opens a panel (such as the Inventory) to open on either side of the screen. To do so, you’ll need to enable the catchily named “Hotkeys open side panels on the left” option in the Settings menu. It’s off by default, as opening these interfaces could cause overlap issues with other elements on the left-hand side. Proceed at your own risk!

You can set up to five Hotkeys on this menu. Most will work by enabling or disabling the selected feature, or by choosing which side of the screen the panels open on.

If you want to really up your game, you can create entire custom layouts, making it easy to swap between unique interfaces for PvM and Skilling... or any other activity you can imagine! You’ll be able to store up to three loadouts and make edits to the active set of hotkeys. We’ve also added long-tap options to the hotkey button which will let you swap between layouts with ease.

You can add multiple of the same hotkey for a loadout – this might seem like overkill, but it’s great if you need a larger area to tap. No more misclicks for you, friend!

Finally, we’ve added NPC Highlighting and Edit Ground Item hotkeys to the roster. The Edit Ground Items hotkey lets you add or remove items from the filter using the + or – buttons for items around you. The NPC Highlighting hotkey lets you tag NPCs, or all NPCs of that type, with a long tap. You can further customise the appearance of Highlights in the Settings menu. Should NPC Highlight Mode be toggled ‘Off’, Highlights will be disabled until it turns back on.

If you can't see the video, click here.

If you can't see the video, click here.

Popout Panel

Current Mobile players will be intimately familiar with the new Popout Panel already! Much like the RuneLite Panel, this nifty inclusion gives you loads of features and options, including XP Tracking, Ground Item Indicators, and all the future additions we plan to make!

Unlike the current placement of the popout panel, which disrupts your use of the Inventory and other right-hand side panels, the new area sits in the bottom left-hand corner. It also has three separate modes: Hidden, Full and Mini.

  • Hidden: Just a small button to be expanded.
  • Compact: Only showcases one of the panel features in a minimal style; useful to keep track of one specific piece of information without taking up a lot of the screen.
  • Full: A full version that will give you as much information and options as we can fit into that screen.

If you can't see the video, click here.

New Chat

The entire chat interface can now be collapsed using the brand-new toggle button, meaning you've got more space to play if you're going it solo!

However, some of you might have noticed that the Chat Filters are no longer visible. Instead, to give you more space, you can long tap on the Speech Bubble button to set which chat filter you have active!

We've also replaced the tiny speech bubble with a bigger and easier-to-use keyboard button. In the future, the chat line will also have clipboard support, caret support and selection support. To compensate for the horizontal space taken up by the new buttons, the chat area itself has been made slightly narrower - but the whole chat, including the buttons, still takes up the same amount of space as before!

As for that glaring Report button, we've tucked it into a long-press option on the chat toggle, so it is not as much of a focus as it was before.


There isn't too much to discuss with the Minimap, aside from us rearranging the minimised version to look cleaner and take up less space! The Wiki button and World Map buttons have also been reworked for visual consistency and easier tapping.

Haptic Feedback

Our final change is a small customisation option – you’ll now be able to adjust the Haptic Feedback settings. Using the handy Vibration Type setting, you can choose between Low, Medium and High Haptic Feedback to give the right pack for your punch when gaming on the go!

Survey and Feedback

When the Beta launches this Thursday, the survey below will open, and you'll have your chance to tell us all about the time you’ve spent with the new features.

As always, we’re really keen to hear your feedback and completing the survey below is the best way to tell us your thoughts. Go on, click the button!

You can also discuss this update on the 2007Scape subreddit, the Steam forums, or the community-led OSRS Discord in the #gameupdate channel. For more info on the above content, check out the official Old School Wiki.

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