More RS2 Updates

Today we have uploaded a number of updates for Runescape 2.
These include:

Map areas
We have uploaded more of Kandarin, including the east side of East Ardougne, Hemenster and Port Khazard.

New Runescape 2 area - Rangers' Guild
New to Runscape 2 - just east of Hemenster comes the Rangers' Guild, complete with new shops, a training area and an archery target mini game.

3 quests and a mini game
We have now uploaded the Hero's quest, Tribal totem , the fishing competition and the trawler mini game.

Sound effects
We have started to add various sound effects to the game, expect more to be added over time as well as some adjustments to the ones we have already added.

Make over mage
For those who want their skin colour and gender changing - the make over mage has now been added to the game.

Market stalls
The Ardougne thieving market stalls are uploaded

Bug fixes include:

  • Fixed: The runecrafting symbol on the skills menu looked wrong
  • Fixed: The nature rune island in the wilderness only had 1 nature rune per stack
  • Fixed: One stack of nature runes couldn't be telegrabbed
  • Fixed: The dramen staff seemed to be a warhammer
  • Fixed: If a player was holding one stackable weapon and they poisoned it they would get 5 poisoned weapons
  • Fixed: Putting items on tables could sometimes cause them to become stuck
  • Fixed: Players could walk though scenary and get stuck in the Lumberyard area
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