Mortton Shades and Mage Armour

Shades Of Mort'ton

Mort Myre's south border has been breached, and a path towards a strange town called Mort'ton has been found.
Strangers return from such visits with tales of the "afflicted", and shadowy creatures who jealously guard their tomb treasure.
Amongst these stories is the rumour of a pagan temple, Flamtaer, whose remains lie north of the town itself; does this ancient ruined construction hold the key to this shadowy conundrum?

Find out in the Shades of Mort'ton Quest!

New Mage Armour

There's a new arrival in the Wizards Tower, and he's wearing some very strange new armour. Splitbark Armour is a new armour for Magic users; can you find all the pieces to get a set yourself?

Visit the Wizards Tower to learn more!