Myreque Pt III - Darkness of Hallowvale

The new Myreque base in Burgh de Rott seems to be safe for now, although the loss of Sani and Harold is still keenly felt. Veliaf has organised patrols in the area and is keeping a watchful eye on nearby Vampyre activity. Some of the locals succumb occasionally to the ravages of a nearby Vampyre Juvinate, but without more help, there's little that the Myreque can do.

Or is there?

Veliaf has an ambitious plan to try and gain entry into the Vampyre ruled lands of the Sanguinesti region and the blood tithed ghetto of Meiyerditch. With luck, there may still be some resistance in that dread area. But if there is, it's most likely very well hidden. Navigating the maze-little ghetto of Meiyerditch will take cat-like agility skills and an incredible eye for detail, especially when trying to evade the demanding, ever-watching Vyrewatch who patrol the skies above. If this resistance exists, and with your help, there maybe a chance to pull back the Darkness of Hallowvale.

In other news...

The small fishing village of Witchaven has been added to the map, just east of Ardougne. It has lost all its trade since the construction of the nearby fishing platform, and the villagers are getting desperate. But there's something very fishy going on... you'll have your chance to investigate the secrets of that village later this month.

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