Naming conventions

Many objects in the game have brackets in their names to indicate a special feature or function, such as Dragon dagger (p) for a poisoned dragon dagger. Some of the letters used in these brackets meant different things on different items. This got a bit confusing in a few cases:

(s) - either "Saradomin" or "poisoned with super-strong weapon poison"
(p) - either "poisoned" or "permanent"
(u) - either "unstrung" or "unlocked"
(g) - either "Guthix" or "gold-trimmed" or "contains a gold coin"

We've renamed a few items so that the letters can be consistent. Please note that the items themselves haven't changed at all. We've just tweaked their names.

ObjectOld notationNew notation
Weapon with extra-strong poison(+)(p+)
Weapon with super-strong poison(s)(p++)
Ring of Charos(u) = unlocked(a) = activated
Permanent serum from Shades of Mort'tonSerum 207 (p)Serum 208
Blackjack(a) = assault(o) = offensive
Special beer from Recipe for Disaster Asgarnian Ale (g)Asgoldian Ale
Prayer book pagesTorn page (s)
Torn page (z)
Torn page (g)
Saradomin page
Zamorak page
Guthix page

Please note - Some of these changes have already been in the game for a while.

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