New Archaeology Dig Site : Daemonheim

New Archaeology Dig Site : Daemonheim

New Archaeology Dig Site: Daemonheim

  • Delve into a brand new mini dig site set in the ruins of Daemonheim featuring:
    • 3 New Mysteries, 3 Collections & 16 Artefacts
  • 2 level brackets of Excavation locations for levels 73-87 & 103 -113
  • Soak in the atmosphere of the graphically overhauled and polished Daemonheim!
  • Uncover and restore 2 brand new Skilling Offhands for the Archaeology and Hunter skills.
  • Harness a new Relic Power that offers a more efficient way to train your Summoning.

Tomb Raider? No, I am an Archaeologist

It’s time to dust off your Mattock, uncover new mysteries, and dig deep in a new area of Daemonheim.

Once the home of the Dragonkin in the distant past, Daemonheim was seized by Zamorakian forces intent on harnessing its ancient powers.

Much of this rich and untold history still resonates through the halls of Daemonheim to this day, serving as a beacon for adventurers and archaeologists alike, eager to uncover the ancient mysteries that lie hidden within.

Tell me a tale of Daemonheim

With this update, we will be uncovering a brand-new dig site in the proximity of Daemonheim - as well as a new imposing area under the surface called ‘The Warped Depths’.

To kickstart investigations into this dig site, you'll need to have reached 73 Archaeology and freed Skaldrun from the chilly depths of the dungeon. You can then begin the new excavations by speaking to him in the Fremennik camp at Daemonheim, he will act as the site manager for the stories you unearth there.

Once started you will find that the dig site is split into two level brackets :

  • Levels 73 to 87 - Daemonheim surface, featuring excavation spots dotted around the fort.
  • Levels 103 to 113 - The Warped Depths. To reach & endure the depths you will need to have 95 Dungeoneering.

One of the goals of this update was to fill some of the conspicuous level gaps that you may currently encounter while training the Archaeology skill. This should help smooth out the levelling experience.

Along with the seven excavation locations, you will be able to piece together sixteen new artefacts across three collections, and guided by Skaldrun, you will uncover three brand new mysteries, with each story taking you closer to understanding exactly who built Daemonheim, what their motivations were, and any threats that could be waiting for you.

To complete all the mysteries this site holds you will need to have completed the quest "Twilight of the Gods" so be sure to finish that before hunting any strange tokens.

Modern Age Ruins

Originally launched in 2010, Daemonheim has started to show its age. To rejuvenate this iconic area, we've given the surface a complete graphical overhaul!

This update aligns Daemonheim with the Wilderness update, making the dig site much more engaging to explore. We've revamped the ruin kit to better reflect the established Dragonkin style and closely resemble the original concepts.

Additionally, we've increased the height of the rocks supporting the castle, creating an impressive view as you approach.

The combination of updated lighting, set dressing, and snowy effects enhances the environment, making it more imposing and atmospheric.

While playing through the content, you'll also discover a mysterious new area set in the deeper regions of Daemonheim. What exactly went on in here? That's up to you to find out, so we won't spoil too much.


Digging up the past is a reward in and of itself, but you'll be unearthing more than that within Daemonheim.

New Relic - Spirit Weaver

By completing one of the exciting new Dragonkin Archaeology Collections, you'll unlock a brand-new Archaeology Relic Power called Spirit Weaver.

Spirit Weaver offers an impressive 50% XP boost when creating Summoning pouches. However, there's a twist – pouches must be crafted one at a time instead of in batches.

This new mechanic allows you to choose between maximising your XP gains or optimising your time efficiency while training Summoning. The choice is yours!

New Archaeology Skilling Offhand - Balarak's Sash Brush

While excavating in the Warped Depths, players will be able to find parts of this damaged brush. With the assistance of a collector with a keen eye for Dragonkin artefacts, you can repair Balarak's Sash Brush to assist with future excavations!

Balarak's Sash Brush provides players with passive boosts to excavation success rate and mattock base precision. Also, it will occasionally help you find additional materials. Additionally, those chasing the time sprite will get a unique bonus... if they can keep up with it!

New Hunter Skilling Offhand - Skeka's Hypnowand

Also in the Warped Depths, you will be able to learn about an implement that was incredibly useful to the hunters of Anachronia. Once you've acquired this knowledge, it might even be possible to track it down and restore it for yourself.

Skeka's Hypnowand will provide players with benefits to different styles of hunting such as whirligigs, box trapping, and even big game hunting.

Finally, you’ll also be able to earn Dungeoneering Tokens, Dungeoneering Wildcards, and Tetracompass Pieces from Collections that are scattered across Daemonheim.

History of the update

It's been amazing to watch this project grow from the original game jam design started by Mods Chaose and Frosch. Mods Kitsune and Rowley helped build out the story, while Mods Blkwitch, Alex and Fox contributed to adding new locations and revamping the existing ones.

The team has created something that we know many of you have been looking forward to, and we’re super excited to hear what you think. We’ll see you all in Daemonheim!

- The RuneScape Team

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