New Emotes And Other Tweaks

We've added a lot of new emotes to the game. Now you can express yourself with anything from a shrug to a jump for joy, or try out the new dancing moves like dance, spin and head bang. Two of the emotes are unlocked during the Lost Tribe quest, but the others are available immediately to everyone, including non-members.

The female models in the game have had a slight 'nip and tuck' to make the difference between male and female characters more obvious. The changes are subtle, but should help add a little more personal identity to your adventurer.
No new items have been created just for the female characters.

Due to popular demand, the "brown cavalier" hat has now become the "tanned cavalier" hat.

Again, this is just a renaming and is not a new item.

Additionally, the Mort'ton boat now has a faster "right-click" option.