New f2p prayers, port to port transport and improved dragon axe

New Prayers for Rangers and Mages

Fantastic new accuracy prayers are now available for rangers and mages! The new prayers boost the accuracy of magical and ranged attacks, equivalent to the 'Reflex' prayers for melee. Only one combat style of prayer can be used at a time, but all of them can be used with the defensive prayers, providing a balance of offense and defence.

Rangers can enjoy the accuracy enhancement of the Sharp Eye, Hawk Eye and Eagle Eye prayers, while mages will find their magical attacks improved by Mystic Lore, Mystic Will and Mystic Might. Not only that, but they are available on our Free-to-play worlds too! Don't delay - visit an ingame altar today!

Charter Ships

Why spend ages walking from one end of the world to the other when you can charter a ship?! Take a cruise with Trader Stan and his crew of fashionably (if uncomfortably) attired sailors. They will carry you from port to port for an affordable fee, and sell you goods available from Port Phasmatys to the far-flung elf lands.

Their ships are docked in many popular places including Catherby, Port Sarim, Mos Le'Harmless, Port Phasmatys and more.

Players wishing to reduce the prices to an even lower rate are advised to prove their sailing credentials, and to use whatever powers of persuasion they can muster.

Dragon Axe improved

Until today the dragon axe was only as good at cutting trees as a rune axe. We've now made it slightly better! However we have raised the woodcutting level requirement for chopping trees with this axe to 61.

Bugfix for Bone Crossbows

A bug was fixed with the bone crossbow so that it will no longer fire the old pearl and opal tipped bolts. However it can now use bone bolts, all bare metal bolts up to and including iron and also barbed bolts.

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