New Female Bodykit

We are aware that everyone has different tastes and that while some might prefer the new female models, others might be equally disappointed with their new appearance.

As a result of these changes, we are allowing you to experiment with costume and female equipment by making the Makeover Mage (west of Falador), Hairdresser (Falador) and Thessalia (Varrock clothes shopkeeper) free for this week.

Hopefully this will give you time to play about with the new look, and find a combination you like.

All of the changes made were due to player feedback. As usual, if we find that we haven't got it perfect the first time we are prepared to change the models to meet popular opinion, so there may be some degree of change.

Please remember, if you are going to comment about the changes, please do so in a civil and constructive way.

We are always happy to hear your opinions about the game, as our goal here is as always to get graphics that everyone is happy with.