New High-Level Prayer Potion

High-level herbalists can now create prayer renewal potions. These concoctions restore a sizeable sum of prayer points over the course of five minutes; great for when your prayer points are looking low, but there’s not an altar in sight.

Of course, you’ll still have your super prayer potions for when you need an instant boost in the heat of battle, but the prayer renewal potion restores roughly 25% more prayer points than the super prayer potion does and is tradable, making it a cost-effective, widely obtainable way to cater for your prayer needs in the field.

Brewing a prayer renewal potion requires the following:

  • Level 94 Herblore
  • A fellstalk herb, which can be grown by level 91 farmers.
  • A morchella mushroom, which can be grown by level 74 farmers.

The seeds and spores for fellstalk herbs and morchella mushrooms can be obtained from evil trees; Miscellania kingdom management; traded with other players; or can be found as drops from werewolves, mutated zygomites, ogre chieftains and high-level Slayer targets, among others.

Mod Mark

In other news...

  • We’ve also completed some technical changes to the Prayer skill, with the most prominent being to prayer points, multiplying your displayed total by 10 to match the format used by life points. While the Prayer tweaking will have no direct impact upon gameplay, it allows us to release more interesting and varied Prayer updates in the future, including the prayer potion we have released today! As an example of future updates, the upcoming Penance aura will restore prayer points based on damage taken, which would have been very difficult to implement if prayer and life points had still been displayed in different formats.
  • For those who use the RuneScape game bar, we’ve added an array of options through which it can be customised. Click here for further details.
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