New Look Website

We have changed our website to have a great new-look front page and updated many of the pages and graphics. The major changes are:
  • New-look Front page - with new navigation links and summaries of the latest news stories
  • Pages are now wider, allowing us to show you more content than before
  • Updated graphics - many of our pages have been redesigned with new graphics to make them even better
  • No more secure menu - we have put all the links from the secure menu onto the front page (of course the services are just as secure as before!)
  • Less adverts - many sections such as our manual are now completely advert free!
  • Higher security logins - when you log-in to the website, your log-in is now restricted to what you logged-in to do. For example, if you log-in to check your messages and leave your computer unattended, the worst that can happen is that someone using your computer can also read your messages. They won't be able to set contact details, post on the forums or anything else as you. Of course we'd still recommend you ALWAYS log out of the website when leaving your computer unattended.
We understand that it might take a little while to get used to where the new links are, but we've made sure all your favourite sections are still available from the front page. Once you've got used to the new design the new navigation should be easier and more intuitive to use, as we've worked hard on arranging things more logically. We believe that you will find the new website easy to use, and hope that you enjoy using it!
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