New Quest: Murder On The Border

New Quest: Murder On The Border

First Quest of the Season: Murder on the Border

Now you’ve established the foundations of Fort Forinthry, it's time for the next chapter in our season! The first quest arrives next week, with a fun whodunnit twist and real benefits for your Cooking skills. Here’s what’s on the menu in Murder on the Border when it arrives on March 20th:

  • Meet a collection of eccentric characters and solve a fun murder mystery with classic quest skills!
  • Add a lavish kitchen to your Fort to entertain party guests!
  • Utilise the all-new Mystery Journal interface to figure out what’s going on!
  • Complete the quest to expand your Fort with more awesome upgrades!

Foul Play at Fort Forinthry!

With the construction complete at Fort Forinthry, the King wants to celebrate. And what the king wants, the king gets! He requests (let’s be honest, demands) that you host a lavish banquet for the Misthalin royal family and select nobility.

Ever the people-pleaser, you are more than happy to oblige - but you’re not the only one with plans for the evening ahead. The festivities take a shocking turn when one of your guests is found murdered!

Now it’s up to you and your inquisitive butler Aster to catch the culprit. It's time to lock the gates, break out your detective kit and interrogate the party guests. One of them is not what they seem…

But Who Could Have Dunnit?

That's the question on everyone's mind - and time is ticking! Needless to say, tensions are running high and the Misthalin leaders rarely see eye to eye at the best of times. This is political - as well as personal - dynamite.

It’s time to meet a whole host of intriguing and potentially deadly characters and start pointing the finger of blame! Here’s who’s in attendance:

You’ll have to work with all of the guests to identify the culprit, but thankfully you also have the new Mystery Journal interface to help your investigation along…

King Roald Remanis III (He/Him)
The King of Misthalin. He is reserved, diplomatic and mild mannered - which can lead to his vassals and the diplomats of other nations walking over him.
Queen Ellamaria (She/Her)
The Queen of Misthalin. Ellamaria was born a commoner, and was a renowned adventurer before marrying Roald. She is brash and has little patience for incompetence and bureaucracy; but she is good at getting things done.
Simon Bullace (He/Him)
A novice alchemist under the service of King Roald, currently is employed as the royal wine taster. He is anxious, intelligent and more than a little bitter about his current station.
Aster Dunnet (They/Them)
Aster is the steward of Fort Forinthry and manager of the townhall. They are professional, approachable and a huge fan of novels, detective stories and murder mysteries...
Bianca Dunnet (She/Her)
Aster's sister and a renowned chef, Bianca has worked for several prominent figures before joining the royal household. She is quiet and softly spoken, but her culinary marvels are often sabotaged by her extreme clumsiness!
Duke Cole Augustus Hoarse (He/Him)
The Duke of Edgeville. He is abrasive, perpetually grumpy and the bane of every noble in Misthalin. You'd be hard-pressed to find someone who doesn't want him... dealt with.
Lord Rodney Midas (He/Him/They)
A flamboyant socialite, currently engaged to Duke Hoarse. His choice in attire is almost as colorful as his tales of his previous spouses... all of whom appear to have met a suspiciously gruesome end.
Duke Hoarse's beloved pet spaniel. While she may appear to be the goodest of girls, when you look deeper into her butter-wouldn't-melt expression, you can't help but speculate what wicked deeds she may be capable of...
Duchess Alba Hyett (She/Her)
A retired knight who served Roald II, the king's father. She was granted the Duchy of Lumford by King Roald III, ostensibly for her years of service to the kingdom. She is stoic, asocial, and appears to hold a grudge against the royal family.
Lady Iris Ruthven (She/Her)
The flower of Lumbridge and Duke Horacio's cousin, attending the banquet on his behalf. She is outgoing and always has gossip to share about the Misthalinian nobility - though she is not the sharpest knife in the drawer.

You’ll have to work with all of the guests to identify the culprit, but thankfully you also have the new Mystery Journal interface to help your investigation along…

Gather clues from around the Fort, link them to the different characters and view character profiles to solve the mystery before the killer strikes again!

What's in it for me?

It won’t just be the suspects you’ll be grilling… as the proprietor of the Fort you'll be able to make extended use of the newest building, the Kitchen, which comes stocked and ready to use!

Your new culinary skills mean you’ll avoid burning food and never fail at chopping up cobwebbed barriers - plus, working the kitchen increases your Cooking XP. This bonus stacks with portables and is available to Ironman players too!

You’ll also have access to the Cooking Supplies Shop and Soup Station, allowing you to make soups from your Player-Owned Port. There’s even a handy Bank next to the stove!

Building Tier 1 Tier 2 Tier3
Kitchen Access to the Kitchen including a Cooking Range, Sink and Bank.

Cutting cobweb barriers will never fail again.
3% reduced chance to burn food.
Access to the Cooking Shop Supplies directly from the Kitchen.
5% increased Cooking XP while cooking in the Kitchen.
Access to a Soup Station for creating Port Soups.

And of course, completing the quest will please the King - who will naturally reimburse you with a Quest Point and XP Lamps!

Alright, I'm ready. What do I need to do?

It’s easy to embark on Murder on the Border. First you’ll need to complete the New Foundations miniquest and construct at least Level 1 versions of the first four buildings in your Fort - that’s the Workshop, Town Hall, Command Center and Chapel. Plus the walls, of course. Forts need walls. It’s kind of their whole thing?

Fortunately, you will only need 30 Construction to complete all of the above. When that’s done, chat with Aster in the Town Hall and begin building the Kitchen. Then you can start preparations for the fateful banquet….

- The RuneScape Team

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