New Random Events!

Players may be thrilled to witness the addition of new random events today. The events you may come across in your usual routine of playing are as follows;

You might get teleported into a magical maze by some mysterious old man, but don't worry. Find the centre and you'll be released, along with a reward. The quicker you manage it, the bigger your reward! You will then be put back where you came from.

Strange Box
If you're given a Strange Box by a mysterious old man, open it and answer the easy question to receive a reward. Be warned though; if you spend too long without opening a box, or get a question wrong, they will start replicating in your inventory, so you will have more boxes to solve. You will only get a reward when you have cleared your inventory of boxes. The only way to remove a box from your inventory is to answer the question.

There's a mystical theatre hidden away which you may get teleported to. (Coincidentally enough, by an old and mysterious man). All you have to do is follow the Mime's performance by repeating his actions and you'll be released back to where you were previously along with a reward.

Note: If any mysterious old men teleport you to the maze or the mime they will do it immediately. If they instead stand there shouting your name, you should respond like normal. Ignoring old men in the hopes they will teleport you to a maze will not work.

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