New Rewards for Minigames

We’ve added a veritable bounty of high-level rewards to our minigames, including armour sets to boost Thieving and Runecrafting XP gain, macabre customisation options for dark magic users and an infernally adorable pet Jad. If there’s a minigame that you’ve never tried before, or one that you’ve not played for a long time, now is a terrific time to start!

New equipment

We’ve added 5 entirely new sets of gear which are now available to high-level minigame devotees.

Master runecrafter robes: This set is available to arcane scholars persistently participating in the Great Orb Project. In addition to all the stat bonuses of the lower-level Runecrafting robes, each piece of this set offers a bonus to Runecrafting XP gain, with a total bonus of +2.5% when the whole set is worn.

Black Ibis outfit: Once worn by members of an ancient, secret society, this clothing can be obtained through Pyramid Plunder. In a similar vein to the Master Runecrafter Robes, each article of clothing provides a bonus to Thieving XP gain (with a few exceptions), for a total of +2.5% for the whole set.

Hybrid armour: These three new armour sets provide substantial bonuses to multi-talented combatants while playing Castle Wars, Soul Wars, Fist of Guthix and TzHaar Fight Pits:

  • Battle-mage armour: This set is great for warrior-wizards who use both melee and magic to overcome opponents.
  • Trickster armour: Ideal for the cunning combatant who needs to switch between ranged and magical attacks at a moment’s notice.
  • Vanguard armour: Perfect for the versatile frontline fighter who likes to weaken enemies at range before closing to finish the job in melee.

While these hybrid armour sets provide no benefits to statistics outside of PVP minigames, they do look very cool.

Quake with fear, humans!

The moment it burst forth from its infernal cocoon in the sulphurous depths of the TzHaar City, the infant TzRek-Jad was ready for battle. While domestic life isn’t quite what it envisaged, it can now be acquired by Soul Wars players who are skilled enough to handle it as a pet. When it looks up at you with its big, winsome eyes, you can never be quite sure whether it’s planning to crush your skull or just wants its belly rubbed. However, it doesn’t need feeding and will not run away, and is an excellent deterrent to unwelcome doorstep canvassers.

Customisation Options

Those with no qualms about exploring the most depraved avenues of arcane knowledge can now obtain items from Shades of Mort’ton with which to customise their equipment. First of these is the shade skull, which can be attached to elemental staves or battlestaves by high-level crafters for a newly ghoulish appearance. Those who delve deeper, however, may find a necromancer’s kit which can be used to upgrade the Dagon’hai robes, increasing the robes' Prayer bonus and giving them a new, macabre look.

...and many more!

There are plenty of other great rewards to be won by dedicated minigame players, including:

  • Proximity chinchompas for use in Castle Wars.
  • Glistening shells that grant bonus XP on the Fishing Trawler, as well as tiger sharks to catch and cook, and shark’s teeth to craft into necklaces.
  • New lunar spells including ‘Borrowed Power’, which allows lunar magic users to use selected offensive spells.

To start, play any of the following minigames. See the individual minigame pages for full details of the rewards:

Mod Raven

In other news...

  • In Morytania, as the moon waxes red, the gloom grows close and oppressive and whispers in the dark become harder to ignore. The men and women of Burgh de Rott dare not speak of the impending darkness, but the voices of innocents still ring clearly in that murky fenland town...
  • Players who have unlocked wishes in the Livid Farm minigame have been refunded the produce points spent to gain access to those wishes. Wishes are no longer accessible until the Borrowed Power spell has been purchased.
  • Finally, we've made some changes to the way that the 'skulled' status is applied while in the Wilderness. More information can be found here.
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