New Website and Much More...

As if launching RuneScape HD wasn't big enough on its own, we have released several other updates at the same time! These include a reworked website, several city improvements and a new world map.

The New Website:

For most people, the first improvement they encounter will be the new RuneScape website. You will notice that the links on the left side of the front page have gone, replaced with tabs across the top of the page that drop-down to reveal their contents. These have been grouped together according to subject, making your chosen section easy to find. The path through to play the game remains the same as before.

In-Game Improvements:

Aside from RuneScape HD, we have made several graphical updates that also affect the old detail modes. A deep breath is needed here: three of the largest cities in RuneScape - Al Kharid, Lumbridge and Ardougne - have been reworked to give them a new, improved look; Castle Wars has been given a fresh lick of paint; your teleport animations and your emotes should now be more impressive; and the fires of RuneScape have an improved, crackling flame.

World Map Integration:

To make RuneScape easier to navigate, we have introduced an in-game world map. At the simple press of the globe icon in the top-right of your screen, next to the minimap, you are able to view your position in the world and see where you want to go, without opening any separate windows.

In Other News:

The Behind the Scenes for July will be released at the start of next week. We have some other great things planned for this month, but we do not wish to distract you from the graphical updates just yet.

A vital change has been made to purple sweets. An issue with their scripting meant that they could keep a player alive forever, which is certainly not what we intended! The purple sweets are now back to normal.

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