Nightmare of Ashihama - Day One Changes

Nightmare of Ashihama - Day One Changes
The Nightmare of Ashihama Day One Feedback Changes

Its great to see so many of you psyching yourselves up and facing The Nightmare. Wed like to thank everyone who played through the content yesterday and told us what they think. We have made the following changes based on your feedback:
  • The surge attack delay has now been increased by one tick
  • The defend sound has been lowered to avoid bursting eardrums
  • The MVP will now receive big bones as a drop to signify their status
  • There is now a greater chance to receive food and potions as a drop, and their quantity has been increased
  • The Nightmare Staff now has a separate roll from the other uniques, much like the Spirit shield from the Corporeal Beast

The above changes are now live, and we'll continue to monitor player feedback and interaction with the Nightmare, and we'll make any additional changes next week. One such change we'll make next week is recolouring notification messages to help them stand out more.

Don't fall asleep!

Update: 17:00 UTC 7th February.
We're continuing to investigate reports of lag and crashes, most notably from those playing on iPhones running iOS 13.3. We've made progress, but more investigation is needed, and we'll update you early next week.

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