Nightmare Zone rewards

Nightmare Zone rewards

Today's update brings the new rewards for Nightmare Zone that you chose in Content Poll 10.

  • The Seer, Archer, Warrior and Berserker rings can be imbued, improving their combat stats.
  • Crystal bows and shields can be imbued, making them keep their combat stats unchanged as they degrade.
  • Black Masks can be imbued, giving you combat bonuses when using Magic or Ranged attacks against your assigned Slayer target, and improving their combat stats a little.
  • The reward shop now sells Scrolls of Redirection that can be used to change the destination of a 'Teleport to House' tablet. You can choose a destination of any player-owned house portal, or Trollheim.
  • The reward shop now sells vials and a limited supply of herb boxes.

The imbued items are untradeable. If you die wearing an imbued ring or Black Mask, the item will be dropped in its un-imbued state.

In case you change your mind and want to get the original form of the item back, the imbued items have an 'Uncharge' option to let you remove the imbued bonus. However, this won't refund your reward points.

To handle the new rewards, we've revamped Dominic's shop interface, using the interface editor that we hadn't got when we first programmed that shop.

If you've got improved ideas for the potions and costumes that didn't pass Poll 10, please share them on the forums, and maybe you can agree on a more popular version together. We'll be compiling Poll 11 once we've finished the development work on the God Wars Dungeon and submitted it for testing. Provisionally, we might even be able to start thinking about PvP worlds, and maybe a toggle button for your profanity filter...

Please come over to the forums to discuss today's update.

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