Old School Connectivity Issues

Old School Connectivity Issues

We're aware of the ongoing connectivity issues affecting Old School RuneScape, which in some cases are preventing players from accessing the mobile app, loading the official client or contributing to a laggy playing experience. These problems have been caused by sustained malicious attacks on our servers and we are working to swiftly resolve the issues as a priority.

We'd like to apologise for the lack of communication over the weekend period. Going forward we'll ensure we're talking to you often and sharing updates on the issues as and when we're able to. We'll communicate any updates by editing this article and through edits to the OSRS Connection Issues support article.

We'd also like to thank you for your patience. Rest assured we are doing everything we can to resolve these issues as quickly as possible.

Update: 16:35 GMT - We're preparing for a coldfix to the Old School RuneScape game worlds. This will involve taking the worlds offline for a very short amount of time, just like we do when we update the game.

Update: 16:55 GMT - The countdown timer for the coldfix is now underway. We're rebooting the game for maintenance related to the recent connectivity & performance issues. The coldfix is expected at around 17:30 GMT.

Update: 17:57 GMT - The last remaining game worlds have been rebooted, and the coldfix (mentioned above) has been deployed.

Update 18:20 GMT - We're going to continue monitoring the game's performance and your playing experience, though we have seen an improvement in connectivity and performance issues.

Update 16:20 GMT (10th December) - We're still being targeted by sustained and malicious attacks, but we're happy with connectivity and game performance. We'll continue to closely monitor the situation.

The Old School Team