Old School RuneScape Boss Top Trumps!

Old School RuneScape Boss Top Trumps!


Bring classic baddies to the table and battle friends and family this festive season with OSRS Top Trumps! Order the limited edition set now for the best chance of receiving yours in timeÖ

Currently exclusive to the merch store, OSRS Boss Top Trumps let you relive past fights with 30 powerful bosses from across the history of the game, all packaged up in a premium travel case featuring the Old School RuneScape logo.

Even Wise old Man and Nieve canít stop playing!

Take a nostalgia trip with classic RuneScape baddies like the Kalphite Queen, Giant Mole and the notorious KBD - or battle unique Old School foes such as Vorkath and Zulrah. Relive the dungeons of the Temple of Lost Ancients with all of the God Wars generals, or deploy formidable foes from across 10 years of Old School including Quest, Wilderness and Slayer bosses like Zuk, Jad, Cerberus, Elvarg and Galvek. Who knows, you might even pick up a wild card - look out for the Evil Chicken and other surprise appearances!

How do you play?

Choose a category on each card, such as Combat Level, Max Hit, Boss Kills, Height or Year Added to Game - whatever you think is the winning stat that will outdo your opponent. Draw on your knowledge of Old School RuneScape to figure out if the Evil Chicken really can beat Kíril by virtue of having been in the game longest. Does Callisto have more Boss Kills than Graardor? Who is taller than whom? Do you know whose Combat Level makes them the most difficult to beat, and who out-hits all the rest?

Stat Categories:​

Combat Level: How difficult they are to defeat in combat​.

Max Hit: Highest damage they can inflict in combat​.

Boss Kills: Number of times killed in Old School during February 2023 - lowest number wins.​

Height: Estimated IRL height, from the ground up, in metres​.

Year: The date they were added to the game - earliest year wins​.

Featuring art created using the Old School in-game models, and a short description of each character that you can use to quiz your opponentís lore knowledge, this deck gives you a fun new way to take on friends and family - with foes old and new!

Make sure Santa has placed an order if you want to find it in your stocking! Get yours here!

Want to keep a friend (or yourself) extra cosy this winter? For a limited time only, OSRS Top Trumps is also available in a traditional holiday gift bundle with a comfy pair of Fancy Socks and Map of Gielinor Puzzle! Itís the ultimate combo for relaxing by the fireside!

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