Omen Plushie: Last Call

Omen Plushie: Last Call

Tawit tawoooooo! This is your last chance to get your hands on your very own Omen!

The pre-order deadline has been extended for just 1 week till midnight GMT on the 20th of December, so if you want to own this fluffy pet IRL you will have to get one before he returns to the City of Um!

With this feathered friend sitting next to you, good luck is sure to come your way … and we've heard he's a bit of a hoot!

Psst: did we also mention he glows in the dark?

More details:

  • Height: 16cm of fluffy softness (made from ultra-soft fleece and polypropylene cotton)
  • Limited Edition: This is a one-off chance to purchase an Omen plushie with production starting only once orders close
  • Orders ship March 2024
  • To check if Makeship ship to your country, check this page

He has the run of the office now......

- The RuneScape Team

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