One Piercing Note

When the wind is right, the hearts of weary desert travellers may be lifted by the sound of pure voices in beautiful song. The Sisters of Saint Elspeth are a Saradominist order resident at the Citharede Abbey, to the east of Al Kharid, who are devoted to extolling their godís glory through music.

Recently, there has been a violent murder within the abbey. The ever-practical abbess has managed to keep the details of the death from the sisters to prevent panic, and has no wish to expose the sacred haven of the abbey to the rigours of the Kharidian authorities. She has asked Saradomin for a miracle, and you may just be the agent of providence that sheís praying for.

Question the inhabitants of the abbey and the leader of the wandering minstrels outside, all fully voice-acted and with several specially recorded musical tracks, and solve the mystery to put an end to this threat.

Rewards include a modest amount of Prayer XP, a set of robes that allow you to restore prayer points at musicians along with your run energy, and a new Crafting and Prayer activity for those with god books.

While itís possible to complete One Piercing Note without sound, the extensive audio work adds a great deal to it. Turn up your speakers, or put on your headphones, and enjoy!

Mod John A

To start One Piercing Note:

Head east from Al Kharid over the stile and speak to Sister Catherina outside of the Citharede Abbey.


  • No levels are required to start and complete One Piercing Note.
  • This is a membersí quest.
  • Once the quest is complete, a new activity involving god books will become available. This activity requires level 60 Prayer and Crafting.

In Other News...

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