One Special Day Promotion

One Special Day Promotion

One Special Day Bundle: Don't Miss Out!

Don't forget: now's your chance to celebrate One Special Day with RuneScape!

Special Effect are a charity dedicated to helping people with physical disabilities enjoy the video games we love, and this year we're proud to contribute to their One Special Day event with the time-limited One Special Day Bundle.

The bundle contains:

  • Felix outfit: One Special Costume
  • Felix retexture: Snowy Shorthair
  • 5 Aura Refreshes
  • 5 Life Refreshes
  • 5 Slayer VIP Tokens
  • Box of Clue Scrolls (untradeable)

Note: Ironman accounts will only receive the Felix outfit and retexture.

You can purchase the One Special Day Bundle from the spotlight in the Marketplace for just 250 RuneCoins. Any money raised will go straight to Special Effect, so you can grab some useful items and support a great cause while you're at it.

Remember: the bundle is only available until October 4th. Be sure to get yours before then to avoid missing out!

- The RuneScape Team

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