Open Combat Beta Weekend for All!

Thatís right: weíre opening up the combat beta worlds to everyone this weekend! If youíre a free-to-play player - or just havenít experienced the Evolution of Combat Beta yet - this is your opportunity.

The beta worlds open at 4pm Friday 31st August and close at 10am Monday 3rd September (BST). Youíll find a full explanation of the entire Evolution of Combat experience and rundown of what to expect on our wiki.

We want to hear feedback from each and every one of you, so now is a prime opportunity for you to tell us what you think and have a direct influence on the gameís direction. Remember Ė nothing you do in the beta affects your live character's progression, so be adventurous and try out everything!

Donít miss out - jump into the Evolution of Combat Beta this weekend!

The RuneScape Team

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