Over 15000 RuneScape accounts banned for cheating

We have just banned over 15000 accounts from the main RuneScape game for breaking rule 7, and attempting to use software to play the game automatically for them.

We can detect this type of cheating VERY easily. Suprisingly some people seem to think they can get away with this, but we're making absolutely sure you can't.

As well as having new systems to detect people cheating in this way, we are also using a new system to go through and ban other accounts used by these cheats, so they can't just cheat on a 'throwaway' account they don't care about, and expect their other accounts to be unaffected.

We will not let cheats spoil our game for everyone else. It's just not fair on our millions of legitimate players to let a selfish few try and spoil the game for everyone else.

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