Partying is Such Sweet Sorrow (Halloween 2010)

Partying is Such Sweet Sorrow (Halloween 2010)

Halloween has never been a particularly enjoyable time for the Grim Reaper. Last year, his home was taken over by spiders; the year before, his manservant inexplicably died. With such misery around this time of the year, it’s no wonder that the Grim Reaper does his best to forget the Halloween season.

As such, Pumpkin Pete has given himself the task of showing the Grim Reaper just how fun Halloween can be, by throwing him the Halloween party to end all Halloween parties. He just needs your help to do it...

Join Pumpkin Pete and help to organise a truly spook-tacular Halloween party; meet the Grim Reaper’s musical idol; help werewolf backing singers get their throats ready for the big performance; and give an old friend eight hands as you work to get the musical entertainment in order.

This year’s Halloween party is set to be an impressive one and the musical entertainment is certainly not to be missed, so make sure to play it with your background music turned up to 11 and your candles held high.

For those that manage to get Grim back in a rocking Halloween mood, the reward of a bone brooch awaits, as chosen by you in a Guaranteed Content Poll held earlier this year.

Oh, and if you liked Eek, the spider you carried around with you during last Halloween's holiday event, you might want to take her back to Grim's house this year. She's sure to have plenty to say.

Mod Raven
RuneScape Content Developer


Find the black portal to the Grim Reaper's house north-west of Port Sarim, then talk to Pumpkin Pete.

Requirements to start Partying is Such Sweet Sorrow:


In other news...

The Halloween event will be in the game for two weeks, until the end of October.

Oktoberfest has now been removed from the game. We hope you enjoyed it!

Adjusted the recent Make-X change to better handle beast of burden inventories. Make-X will now count items in this inventory, but you'll still need to take them out manually.

We've increased the clickable area for the following Slayer creatures, as they were not always easy to click on: aberrant spectres, banshees, gargoyles, lizards, turoths and warped terrorbirds.

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