Patch Notes - 10/02

This week we have a few more quality of life updates to War’s Retreat, as well as a bug fix to an unintended (albeit amusing) option to equip a few strange items from the bank. There are also a few changes to RuneScapes favourite spider. Read on for the full patch notes.

War’s Retreat

A few more updates to our new PvM Hub. The dev team are still scouring our socials for feedback to make it the best it can possibly be for your PvM needs, so your input is much appreciated!

  • Adrenaline urns can now be filled via the Adrenaline crystals in War's Retreat.
  • Boss Timers now vanish properly if the player flees the fight.
  • A tooltip has been added to Marks of War currency.
  • The entrance to War's Retreat in Draynor has been renamed to be more thematic.
  • The unlock hint for the music track "Dare to Die" now mentions War's Retreat.
  • Added some blocking to gravestones in War's Retreat to prevent player models clipping through in some situations.
  • The PvM Hub Reaper portal now checks for all normal access requirements when pointed at a God Wars Dungeon boss.
  • Added a message for people burning logs on War's Campfire.
  • Boss portals can now be interacted with from a longer range.
  • Teleporting to War's Retreat via the spellbook teleport will now clear active combat effects such as bleeds.
  • The option on War for checking 'Mark of War' cooldown has been renamed to be more obvious.
  • Entering Wars retreat now turns the camera.
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    Based on player feedback, we have made the following changes to Araxxor to bring path 3 more inline with the other paths.
  • The damage Araxxor does when charging the wall in path 3 has been increased. A successful dodge will now do 100% wall damage and an unsuccessful attempt will do 50%.
  • The time before Araxxor's first charge attack has been reduced slightly.
  • The time between Araxxor's charges after a failed dodge has been reduced.
  • The Barrows

  • Players can no longer deploy dreadnips when fighting brothers at The Barrows.
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  • Auras are no longer deactivated on death in dangerous PvP scenarios.
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  • Fixed an issue with the four face buttons not animating when stood on during the canal puzzle section in the Liberation of Mazcab raid.
  • There are no longer old ground tiles used in Draynor Village near the wheat field.
  • Tool decor attached to a wall in the Lumbridge smithing area has been moved forward so the tools no longer clip through the wall.
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  • Saws, snow globes, and arctic pine logs can no longer be equipped via the bank interface.
  • Fixed an issue in which destroying golden fish eggs from the bank wouldn't allow you to reobtain them.
  • Vampyric blood essence will now only message the player once when dropping below 500 charges.
  • When making offhand darts, the interface will now remember that you want the offhand version and will not try to make you create regular darts.
  • Players are now correctly navigated to the relevant menu when attempting to create a baked potato when other possible recipes are seen in the inventory.
  • Hotfix:Updated the interface for Gone Yak Tracking when refreshing prizes to show the correct amount of oddments needed.
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  • Fixed a minor issue with a misaligned highlighting on the Magic Book interface.
  • Fixed an issue blocking the custom controls for the Baron Von Hattenkrapper bombing sequences in the Pirate quest series.
  • All reward store buttons that display "Locked" now return a tooltip on mobile which explains the requirements to unlock.
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  • Once Upon a Slime is released this week, go help King Slime find true love in this new permanent novice quest!
  • The Purple Cat miniquest and Fremennik sagas no longer appear as started in the Runemetrics quest log when you have completed them.
  • Fremennik sagas now appear as started when you have finished the abridged saga, and completed when you have finished the unabridged saga.
  • Players can now advance the Spirit of Summer quest when using a supreme growth potion to grow the limpwurt root.
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  • When fighting moss golems, social slayer partners can now deal with each other's mossy rock NPC spawn-prevention as well as their own.
  • Smelting gauntlets now count towards blacksmiths outfit set bonus.
  • The remote farming machine now updates the status of a fully grown calquat tree.
  • Daily fishing challenge can now be completed when setting the Fury Shark outfit to "consume fish".
  • The price of the supreme growth potion (sundry) has been increased from 400 to 1000 beans.
  • Hotfix:Living Rock creatures' souls can once again be captured in ushabtis without being on a Slayer task to kill them.
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  • Fixed an issue which led to players being unable to access their inventory after dying.
  • Reporting a player for bug abuse no longer links you to a non-existent web page.
  • Fixed an issue where rune pouches wouldn't fill with rune or pure essence as well as changing rune essence into pure essence.
  • Player is no longer forced to walk one step north on a tile near the river next to the pet shop in Taverley.
  • The camera will no longer bob up and down when cancelling a trip into the water during "Recipe for disaster".
  • Fixed some overlapping safety checks causing forced teleports along the east cliff side of Prifddinas in the Tirannwn woods near the Arandar pass.
  • The "Friends Trail" option is now only listed once in the gameplay settings under social.
  • Friend and clan chat announcements now correctly trigger upon elite task set completion.
  • You can now cancel your action when jumping over the strange floor in Taverly dungeon.
  • Fixed an error with clanniversary broadcasts for players that joined clans before early April 2011.
  • Clicking the compass in the Seagull sections of a Clockwork Syringe and Pieces of Hate will face the player north.
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