Patch Week - 23/07

It's still summer and that means it's time for another Summer Weekend. Additionally, we have taken a look at the current pets and pets-interface and made some changes where we deemed them necessary.

Patch notes

This week's patch notes is a diverse list of changes. Some of the more notable changes are:

  • Adjusted the drop rate for cosmetic items from Solak, based on your feedback. The rates are in the patch notes post. These items should now be more common.
  • Added full unlock hints for over 70 pets in the pet interface. This should make it easier to work towards the pet you really want to get.
  • The Eddy, Penny and Baby Soulgazer pets will now show the killcount of their appropriate creatures when examined, allowing you to show off how friendly or unfriendly you've been to their kind.

To read the diverse list of changes in full detail, click here.

Elite Dungeon 2 – The Dragonkin Laboratory

We received a lot of constructive feedback after the release of the first Elite Dungeon - in fact, much more than we anticipated. To process all the feedback and make the second Elite Dungeon better than the first, the team working on it has asked for some extra time. Therefore we will not release the second Elite Dungeon today. The team will use this extra time to polish the dungeon and improve the rewards based on the feedback from the first dungeon. Once the team working on it is pleased with the result we will open the doors for all of you to see.

We will be publishing a dev blog about the second Elite Dungeon and its release date later today, so please stay tuned.

Diango's New Items

We released our Liveblog earlier this month. This was followed up by a post about the Lifecycle of Treasure Hunter items and now it is finally time to add the first items for free to the game. You can go to Diango, located at Draynor Market, and collect some awesome free items. The first batch of items added to Diango exists of:

  • Astromancer (Full Outfit)
  • Coronet of Autumn
  • Coronet of Spring
  • Coronet of Summer
  • Coronet of Winter
  • Gnomeballer's Tunic
  • Gnomeballer's Shorts
  • Godless Ceremonial Robes
  • Large Gnomeball

Summer Weekends | Skilling Bonanza | 28th & 29th July

We just had our first out of five Summer Weekends, and only four more Summer Weekends to go. The second Summer Weekend will be a true skilling bonanza, giving you some great bonuses while skilling:

‣ Divination: Springs last for twice as long once a wisp is activated.
‣ Divination: Enriched divination nodes spawn every 10 minutes.
‣ Fishing: Spots move around half as frequently as before.
‣ Thieving: Pharaoh's Sceptre and Black Ibis outfit drops are twice as likely at Pyramid Plunder.
‣ Dungeoneering: Double tokens from regular Dungeoneering.
‣ Dungeoneering: No experience penalty upon death.
‣ Hunter: 2 Orokami spawn instead of 1 on uncharted isles.
‣ Agility: Higher chance of activating The Pit minigame.
‣ 10% chance not to deplete uncharted isles resources while harvesting.
‣ Mining nodes and trees replenish twice as quickly.
‣ Crafting: 10% chance to produce an extra urn when adding runes to them.
‣ Fletching: 25% increased Fletching experience.
‣ Smithing: Double XP and respect in the Artisans' Workshop.
‣ Runecrafting: Increased node spawns and double reward points at Runespan.
‣ Construction: Chance to retain a plank with scroll of proficiency increased by 10%
‣ Cooking: Reduced chance to burn food.
‣ Herblore: Extra 2.5% chance to save a secondary ingredient when mixing potions.

NOTE: Ironmen are excluded from all bonuses in bold.

To read everything about the Summer Weekends in full detail, click here.


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Live Streams this Week

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Friday, July 27th – 16:00 UTC (Game Time) – Patch Notes Teasers

Join Mod Shauny for the Patch Notes Teasers, a stream where he covers the update for next week and showcases some of the patches you can look forward to in that update!

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LootScape will be enabled, a Clue Scroll based on your level will be a guaranteed drop.

Sunday, July 29th – 18:00 UTC (Game Time) – PvM with Mod Lee

Join our resident PvM expert with another mass this Sunday, live on Twitch!

LootScape will be enabled, a Clue Scroll based on your level will be a guaranteed drop.

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