Perilous Moons - First Look & Rewards

Perilous Moons - First Look & Rewards

Today we’re journeying deep below Varlamore, where a dangerous new dungeon awaits…

Feedback Changes - November 1st

We’ve heard your feedback, and we’re back with a breakdown of the changes we’ve made in response! Huge thanks to everyone who gave us some of their time to review our latest proposal.

  • The Bladed Moon will only work with weapons that list ‘Slash’ as their primary type.
    • This includes weapons like the Abyssal and Tentacle Whips, Metal Longswords and Scimitars, Sickles, Axes, and the Blade of Saeldor.
    • Weapons outside of this category, including Osmumten’s Fang and all tiers of Metal Daggers, will not gain any benefits from the Bladed Moon.
  • Reduced Defence requirements for all armour sets to 50, down from 70.
  • Clarified that the Eclipse Atlatl deals damage based on your Melee Strength.
  • Clarified that all three armour sets degrade, much like Barrows Equipment.
  • Raised the recommended combat level to 75, up from 65.

Bladed Moon

One of the most-discussed parts of the update was the Bladed Moon, the untradeable weapon reward. Although the Slash bonus from this weapon was pretty chunky, there were concerns that it would inadvertently buff Osmumten’s Fang.

This has impacted an ongoing conversation regarding the Fang’s current place in the meta, and what that means for other weapons like the Scythe of Vitur. We want to assure you that we’ve been listening to your concerns and will update you on our plans very soon.

For now, though, it’s clear that we needed to make some changes to the Bladed Moon. In the updated design, players will only gain bonuses from the item with weapons that list Slash as their primary type. Such weapons include the Abyssal and Tentacle whips, all tiers of metal Longswords and Scimitars, Axes, Sickles, and the Blade of Saeldor.

Weapons outside this category, including Osmumten’s Fang, will not receive bonuses from the Bladed Moon.

You can find a full breakdown of different Weapon types on the Old School Wiki.

Defence Requirements

We also saw lots of feedback suggesting that Defence requirements for the armour felt too high for their power level. Long story short – we agree!

As we move to the poll, all three armour sets now require 50 Defence to equip, down from 70. This should widen their potential uses across the game.


Feedback about the new Burn effect was very positive, and we hope that if it passes the poll, it will give you a few extra ways to approach combat content.

That said, you have asked whether Anti-Burn will be introduced around the same time. We’re interested in this option and will be discussing it. However, it won’t release with Perilous Moons.

Recommended Level

There were concerns, given the difficulty of the content, that players of around level 65 would struggle to complete it. We’ve given this some thought and strongly agree, so we’re raising the recommended combat level to 75.


We’d also like to clarify a few points from the original blog:

  • Damage from the Eclipse Atlatl is based on the wielder’s Melee Strength, which is why the set has Melee Strength bonuses.
  • All three armour sets degrade. This will work exactly as it does for the Barrows sets, and the Perilous Moons sets can be repaired in the same way.

The Audio Read

Please note: The Audio read is pre-feedback so some details might be outdated.

Beneath the steep and jagged cliffs of Ralos’ Rise sits the dwarven town of Cam Torum. Its strong fortifications have kept it safe through all of Varlamore’s history… but now the inhabitants face a new challenge.

Lurking below the surface is an ancient temple, built to contain powerful entities. Now, the earth has been disturbed – and the dwarves need your help to keep these strange beings contained!

If you’ve read the Varlamore newspost, you’ll already know that this new dungeon is accessed via Perilous Moons, an experienced-level quest that will see you delving into the depths of Cam Torum and getting your first glimpse at the mysteries within.

The quest will reveal a new chunk of PvM content aimed at mid-level players. The dungeon holds three deadly demi-bosses. Defeat them, and you’ll reemerge with some exciting new loot!

If you can’t tell, this encounter is heavily inspired by the iconic Barrows Brothers – a mid-level combat staple! Unlike Barrows, however, this activity focuses on discovery and exploration. We want you to feel like you’re progressing through the dungeon in a meaningful way, learning more about Varlamore’s ancient history as you go. We’re taking all the best bits of Barrows and the Forthos Dungeon to create a new, well-rounded adventuring experience.

We recommend tackling the dungeon with a combat level of 75 or more. Down in the depths, defence is key – so you’ll want to prepare carefully before heading in.

Now that you know what you’re in for, let’s take a closer look…

Down In the Dungeon

Every trip into the temple begins in the central room, which expands outwards along four ominously long corridors. Each of these leads to a different area of the dungeon, with different elements and opportunities to explore!

However, only one corridor will be open to you each time you enter – meaning that every encounter begins slightly differently to the ones before it.

Once you’ve explored your starting corridor, you’re free to move around and tackle the bosses in any way you like – although taking on the one closest to your starting location will obviously save you quite a bit of time.

Each room in the temple contains enemies to fight, shortcuts to cross, and opportunities to flex your skilling muscles. Although the temple has seemingly been abandoned for many centuries, you’ll have the opportunity to acquire food and Prayer restoration items that will help you achieve your goal. Please note that nothing you acquire inside can leave the temple again – they’re just there to help you restock between fights. Of course, you’re also free to bring your own supplies, although you’ll find that making use of the dungeon’s resources is faster than trekking to the nearest Bank.

Resources aren’t the only thing you’ll find in the temple’s depths – you’ll also encounter some nasty foes to fight! They’ll drop useful stuff like bones and herbs, and of course, you’ll also receive XP for defeating them.

Base camps around the dungeon will let you store and retrieve tools for Hunter, Fishing, and other gathering skills, so you’ll always have the ability to gather those precious resources when you need them.

After spending some time exploring the dungeon and shoring up your supplies, it’s time to face the demi-bosses…

The Demi-Bosses

Just like Barrows, the temple is home to several different bosses. The more you defeat, the better loot you’ll get!

It doesn’t matter which demi-boss you tackle first, as your chance of loot is only affected by how many of them you defeat. Subdue all three, and you’ll have the best loot in the bag!

A Combined Effort

Unlike the Barrows Brothers, these demi-bosses can be fought by multiple players at the same time. Without dropping any spoilers, these powerful entities cannot be killed – your job is to distract them to ensure they remain contained within the temple.

To this end, we’re doing things a little differently. Instead of having one big health bar that you and your companions are working to deplete, every player involved will have their own individual health bar. This means that other players’ participation (or lack thereof) won’t affect your reward potential. Go solo, or bring your friends – either way, you’ll get your just reward.

However, this also means that the bosses will attack you all as a collective, using the environment around them to damage players en masse. You’ll need to stay alert to avoid taking damage!

Each of these bosses also provides an opportunity to learn and practice key mechanics you’ll need to master to face more challenging foes later in your adventuring career. It’s a great way for new players to familiarise themselves with some of the tougher elements of PvM!

Obviously, we also plan to include never-before-seen mechanics to keep you on your toes – but discussing them here would spoil the surprise!

Defence is the Best Offense

As we mentioned above, Defence is a keystone of this content. Most gear, especially in the late-game, focuses on offensive bonuses – with the notable exception of Justiciars. Mid-game gear, however, tends towards more defensive bonuses – and that’s what we want to encourage here.

The bosses share a mechanic which highlights the importance of Defence – and each individual boss also has their own way of lowering your DPS when you take damage.

Each boss’s basic attack will hit three times, and each hit is harder than the last. However, should any one of those attacks miss, the others will miss as well. This means that to preserve your DPS, you’ll need to have a strong defence.

Below, we’ve got some very rough examples of how this might shake out with different gear. We want to stress that these numbers are not final and are simply here to illustrate how important Defence will be.

Defence Breakdown - CLICK HERE TO SHOW
Equipment Stats Overview 1st Attack Chance - 10 Damage 2nd Attack Chance - 20 Damage 3rd Attack Chance - 40 Damage
Fighter's Torso / Obsidian Platelegs Low Defence 60% 36% 21.6%
Bandos Medium Defence 50% 25% 12.5%
Barrows Armour High Defence 40% 16% 6.4%

As you can see, the higher your Defence, the better you’ll fare.

After you’ve subdued one demi-boss, it’s up to you whether you want to tackle the remaining two or go straight for the loot. Again, if you want to snatch those uniques, you’ll want to distract all three bosses – but if you’re not feeling up to it, you can always tap out early.

Now, let’s have a look at those uniques in detail!


Before we get our greedy little hands on the rewards, we just want to stress that we’re trying something new and experimental here.

Those dinosaurs who played before Barrows launched will remember that before the Brothers entered the scene, weapons only ever did damage – their unique weapons were the first to include their own special mechanics. This shook up the combat scene for decades (two of them) to come, and we want to do something similar with these rewards.

Accordingly, the armour sets we’re about to present break the mould significantly. We’re really keen to hear your thoughts on this, so read carefully, and let us know what you think on all the usual channels!

Please note: All of these sets only trigger their set effects and a weapon's special effect and special attack when wearing the complete set. Each of these sets also degrade just like their Barrows-inspired brethren!

Now, however, it’s time to turn our eyes to the skies, and bask in the glow of the blood moon…

Bloodrager Set

This gear sits somewhere between Barrows and God Wars sets and features a hard-hitting weapon that’s especially effective against low-Defence enemies.

Bloodrager Set Stats - CLICK HERE TO SHOW

Drawing power from the angriest phase of the moon, the Bloodrager Set evokes memories of ancient bloodthirst in the wearer, causing them to rip and tear through low-defence targets in a devastatingly ferocious assault.

The Dual Macuahuitl has a speedy attack rate of 4 ticks, and get this – they hit twice!

They also come with a Special Attack, allowing you to sacrifice 10% of your current Hitpoints to raise your maximum and minimum hit by 25% for that attack. At just 25% energy cost this might seem like a no-brainer, but watch out – use it too many times in a row, and you’ll find yourself low on HP!

Wearing the full set will also earn you a nifty Set Effect: a 33% chance for the Dual Macuahuitl’s second attack to hit one tick sooner. Using the Special Attack with the full set equipped makes that a guarantee, enabling you to slice and dice with unparalleled speed.

For lower-defence foes this set is a gamechanger, although they become less effective against higher-defence enemies.

Dual Macuahuitl DPS Table - CLICK HERE TO SHOW

Frostmoon Set

This armour set provides a midgame boost to Magic Damage, capitalising on immobilised targets and complementing both Melee and Magic attacks.

Frostmoon Set Stats - CLICK HERE TO SHOW

Feeling blue? Not for long! The Frostmoon Set focuses on both Melee and Magic and immobilises enemies with the sheer cold of the Frostmoon.

Its main benefit is strong Magic accuracy compared to other midgame sets, combined with defensive capabilities against both Magic and Crush styles.

The real star of the set, however, is the Spell Spear, a melee weapon that hits significantly harder than your standard staff while allowing you to auto-cast whatever spells you like. With a 5% increase to Magic strength, you’ll be freezing your enemies in their tracks and doing some serious damage.

The Frostmoon armour’s set effect gives you a 10% chance for your next melee attack to go unaffected by any action delay – although this only affects attacks made with the Spell Spear. Put those Dragon Claws away!

You’ll deal even more damage with the Spell Spear’s Special Attack, which increases your max hit by 1% for every tick remaining on a target inflicted with a binding effect. Once you’ve dealt your deadly blow, the binding effect will be removed – so choose your moment carefully before going in for the kill!

For example: if your target has 10 ticks remaining on their binding effect, hitting them with the Spell Spear's Special Attack will increase your max hit by 10%.

Eclipse Set

This gear provides a lower-level alternative to the Blowpipe alongside a new stackable effect.

Eclipse Set Stats - CLICK HERE TO SHOW

The next stop on our celestial journey is to the all-consuming maw of the Eclipse. This set combines the sharp sting of the arrow with up-close-and-personal melee carnage as you burn your foes and consume the fire to unleash a devastating flurry of flames!

Like the Frostmoon gear, this is a hybrid set. Eclipse combines great Ranged accuracy and Melee strength to create a deadly offence, at the cost of its defensive capabilities.

The set includes the Eclipse Atlatl, a new Ranged weapon with an attack speed of 4 (3 on Rapid). What makes this weapon unique is that it rolls your damage off your Melee Strength.

The Set Effect gives the wearer a 20% chance to inflict Burn, a new effect that causes the target to suffer 1 point of damage every 4 ticks for 40 ticks – a total of 10 base damage. However, the effect can be stacked up to five times to rack up even more damage over time. Yowch!

Burn Effect Breakdown - CLICK HERE TO SHOW

Here’s how that might play out, we've got a text description and a handy little table:

  • I'm damaged with Burn, so I'm going to suffer 10 damage over 40 ticks.
  • 16 ticks later I've suffered 4 damage - oh no, I've been burned again!
  • I'm now getting damage from the original Burn in addition to damage from the new one!
  • Once the original Burn is gone, I will have been damaged for a total of 16 HP (10+6), with 4 damage left from the second Burn.

Tick 0 4 8 12 16 20 24 28 32 36 40 44 48 52 56 60
Burn #1
Burn #2
Total Damage

The Atlatl’s Special Attack costs 50% Special Attack energy and consumes any remaining Burn damage on the target to increase your max hit by that number, and your minimum hit by half of that number. While this is a massive boost, we have capped it at an additional 50 damage – we don’t want you setting the world on fire!

So, what do you think? Are these sets going to shake things up sufficiently? Let us know!

Meanwhile, there’s one more reward we want to talk about…

Bladed Moon

An off-hand weapon with a bigger Slash bonus than Defenders… and extra defence to boot!

Bladed Moon Stats - CLICK HERE TO SHOW

The final, untradeable reward combines offense and defence to create a new weapon – the Bladed Moon.

This off-hand weapon combines the defensive capabilities of a shield with the offensive power of a Defender. Defensively, it has similar stats to the Mithril Kiteshield. Offensively it provides some increase to Stab, a higher Slash bonus than any existing Defender, and one less Melee strength bonus than the Dragon Defender.

Players will only gain bonuses from the item with weapons that list Slash as their primary type. Such weapons include the Abyssal and Tentacle whips, all tiers of metal Longswords and Scimitars, Axes, Sickles, and the Blade of Saeldor. Weapons outside this category, including Osmumten’s Fang, will not receive bonuses from the Bladed Moon.

To acquire this new weapon, you’ll need to combine Blood, Eclipse, and Blue Moon Spikes, obtainable from each of the three bosses.

That’s all for now! We hope you’re as excited as we are to try out some new reward spaces and explore the depths of Cam Torum!

You can also discuss this update on our official forums, on the 2007Scape subreddit, the Steam forums, or the community-led OSRS Discord in the #gameupdate channel. For more info on the above content, check out the official Old School Wiki.

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