Pest Control

The Void Knights are a military order who have helped serve Guthix and his penchant for balance since the early Fourth Age. It is their job to ensure that the flux of good and evil coming through to RuneScape each day remains constant, but there are some beasts they find more difficult to accept than others.

On a series of islands in the far south of the world they have found some portals that are nothing but pure evil, which must be shut down at any cost.

Pest Control, the biggest update of the month is finally here!

This update includes:

  • A new cooperative combat-based minigame
  • 7 new kinds of deadly monster
  • A new island featuring a bank and shops
  • A new food item: field rations

Protect the Void Knight from the invading hordes for 20 minutes or go and destroy the portals yourself while your friends rebuild the smashed barricades left behind you. With boats visiting the portals as soon as enough volunteers are available, we are confident this game will become a firm favourite for fans of cooperative gameplay.

Dying during the Pest Control game is the same as dying in Castle Wars (no item loss and no trip to Lumbridge), so you have no excuse not to visit! Speak to the Squire at the southern end of Port Sarim to try out Pest Control today!

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