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Into PvP, high-stakes trade and making your own way in a dangerous world? Do we have a surprise for you.

DarkScape is now live and playable for free with your existing RuneScape account! This experimental new game takes RuneScape and throws it into chaos, giving you free rein for intense combat and ruthless trade wars.

  • Wilderness rules everywhere means heart-pounding PvP combat.
  • Three separate economies and lucrative high-risk regions mean enticing prospects for enterprising merchants.
  • Most of RuneScape's content – completely free – and a fresh level 1 start means an adventure-filled, high-risk world for everyone.
  • RuneScape members get additional benefits to help with quicker progression.
  • Frequent updates, inspired by player activity.

Why DarkScape?

With DarkScape, we're trying something new and exciting, taking RuneScape's wealth of content and changing the fundamental rules to create a whole new experience – something not possible in RuneScape itself.

The rule changes for DarkScape – fully detailed in the FAQ – are designed to encourage emergent gameplay of the most devious kind. Ever dreamed of forming a roaming clan of bandits? Fancy yourself a ruthless runite tycoon? Just want to find your fortune in a world with danger around every corner? DarkScape's the place to do it.

Based on RuneScape though it is, DarkScape is very much its own game. We've got some awesome ideas for future DarkScape content, and Mod Pi's going to be watching - making frequent changes, directly inspired by how you play the game.

Get Involved!

We've kept DarkScape quiet so everyone can come to it completely fresh. This is a world for the taking with wit, guile and strength, and we can't wait to see what you do with it. It'll be your stories that bring it alive, and your feats that become its legends.

We've released DarkScape in a raw, formative state, so it can be driven from the earliest possible point by its community – realising its potential as an emergent, player-led game. This is your chance to be in at the start of something new – to help make a game that you want to play.

Give us your ideas and feedback on Reddit and the forums, and – most importantly – get in game and start backstabbing, brutalising and conniving.

Follow us @RSDarkScape for the latest DarkScape happenings, and Tweet #DarkScape to tell the world about your adventures.

Play DarkScape now, and check the FAQ if you have any questions.

The DarkScape Team

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