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Player Designed Content: Brains over brawn

February 28 2014
Player Designed Content: Brains over brawn

Your response to the Player Designed Content - Brains over brawn competition has been absolutely huge. We have received over 500 entries and creating a shortlist has been very difficult for us. However, we have had to make a decision and the 8 suggestions listed here are our favourite ones which we believe are achievable.

Have a good read through the ideas below and vote for your favourite here. We will close this poll on Sunday 2nd March and we will then create a detailed design document for you. In order for the winning idea to get added to the game, it will need to get 75% approval in the next content poll.

Some of the ideas here go into a lot of detail and it may be necessary for us to tweak some of the rewards so they remain balanced within the game. Once a winner has been chosen the design document that we'll release to you will contain all the tweaks we would like to make.

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