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November 14 2018
Player Workshops

Player Workshops: UK and USA

As you probably know (and filled out!) we carried out one of our biggest ever surveys earlier on in the year. For those who spent time submitting your answers, thank you! We expect to share with you what we found soon.

We have been reviewing and crunching the numbers, and there is a whole load more that we want to find out. Throughout the next year, we’ll be launching a number of research projects, getting your feedback in new and creative ways. Look out for announcements on the Old School RuneScape news page, Twitch, your player inbox, email, and Twitter.

The first we are able to announce are workshops, running in early December in the UK and USA. Those who take part will be invited to a studio to provide feedback and thoughts, contributing to where we go next as a game. Those who attend will also be provided food and drinks and remunerated as a thank you.

There will be emails and inbox messages sent out in the next few days to a random selection of players who are interested, to fill out a short form and provide contact details for a Jagex representative to call and invite them to one of our workshops.

Those of you who don’t get an email this time – don’t worry – we’ve got loads more planned in the next 12 months!

Our Head of Research (Mod Searcher) is on Twitter if you want to ask anything about this project @JagexSearcher.

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