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Players' Gallery

Gather, minions! Arch an eyebrow, twiddle a moustache and laugh maniacally as we celebrate the villains of RuneScape!

Nomad, Lucien, Vanstrom and other baddies are simply more interesting, eyecatching and kickass than your average hero, so we're bringing you the latest Players' Gallery in the name of EVIL.

Ghoulish cries go to Valhelsing 2 for creating the winning image of the month. You get signed concept art, Jagex store credit and RuneScape membership. Dishonourable mentions go to Mewb and i hlt zero. Great work, miscreants!

Next month, the Players' Gallery topic will be the 'Olympics in RuneScape'. What events would you imagine taking place? Who would be going for gold? On the gallery team, we imagine Thok shotputting chinchompas. Send your submissions to by June 25th and you may well be a winner!

Don't forget to check out our Deviant Art group, where you can find even more inspiration from great RuneScape artists to become one yourself!

We're always looking for great artists and if you'd like to see your work featured on our website, then check out our forum thread which can be found in the Community Home forum.

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New Lore: The Mermaids and The Dragon

If you've played Song from the Depths and are eagerly awaiting the Queen Black Dragon boss battle, then you should visit this week's Lore, The Mermaids and the Dragon. Mysteries are resolved, new ones awaken, and the Queen gets a chance to reveal more about her upcoming appearance.

Mod Osborne
Senior Narrative Designer

To comment on the lore or the gallery, visit this forum thread.

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