Players’ Gallery 34: Bad Jobs for NPCs

We’re proud to present the 34th Players’ Gallery, featuring some of the finest artwork that the RuneScape community has to offer. This month, the theme was Bad Jobs for NPCs, and the variety and quality on offer – as always - was exceptionally high.

The winning entry this month was Mudknuckles by Denjus, whose splendidly putrid portrait of the goblin chef left us green with envy at the art skills on display. Congratulations! Have some signed concept art, Jagex Store credit and RuneScape membership on us.

Honourable mentions go to Max the Door Guardian by Arcane Ruins, who gave us a rare glimpse of Max standing still and not earning XP, and TzTok Jad by Vanhelsing2, whose highly detailed and evocative portrait of the mighty boss monster was one of the best we’ve seen.

Next month’s theme will be Quest Villains, so get ready to show us your favourite foes in all the dark glory that your artistic talents can muster. As always, send your entries to; the closing date is the 21st of May 2012.

If you’re looking for inspiration for your next gallery entry, our deviantART community is the place to go. Joining the community is a great way to see yet more excellent artwork, and to get advice and feedback from your fellow artists and art lovers.

Finally, if you have any comments or suggestions about the gallery, feel free to visit our dedicated forum thread.

Mod Kathy

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