Players’ Gallery 36: Sizzling Summer

The Players’ Gallery has now been updated with number 36 - the Sizzling Summer - and is ready for your viewing pleasure.

We have some great works of art from some quiet relaxing fishing to a party at the Oasis, and more than a few characters lounging on deck chairs. The one the really sizzled our senses, however, was Purple World by Marco! Congratulations, and excellent work!

Our next theme is Outlandish Skills! We’ve seen the recent Skill Fu update, but what other crazy, cool, and outlandish ideas can you come up with for skill animation replacements? Maybe some Dynamite Fishing, or perhaps Cat Burglar Thieving. Let your imagination run wild!

The closing date for Players’ Gallery 37: Outlandish Skills will be Sunday 14th October, 2012!

As always, send your entries to! We also have a DeviantArt group, so if you’re a keen artist or art-lover, you should check it out and join the community.

As always, you can discuss this on the gallery forum thread.

The RuneScape Community Team

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