Players’ Gallery 40: Winter Season

Our latest Players' Gallery is named Winter Season, and your beautiful, snowy, festive pictures left us in awe of the sheer amount of talent out there. You made it really difficult for us to pick only one winner, and having to choose between all the incredible masterpieces you sent us was a tough task...but we did it!

Continuing in the holiday spirit, we would like to award our winner *drums rolls* Mr. Snowball by Legend Arts with concept art from our RuneScape artists, along with some other little surprises. Congratulations!

player gallery winner

Honourable mentions for the astonishing Dragon Christmas go to DaEliminator, and also to Gnome Willow and the wonderful Meg!!!.

player gallery honourable mention
 player gallery honourable mention

With the launch of the Winter Season competition, I - Mod Phoenix - promised that I would join you. So, standing behind my words, I will be shortly uploading my creation on our DeviantArt group. Let me know what you think!

Thank you for all the beautiful artwork that we can now proudly present in our Players’ Gallery, DeviantArt and Facebook page – yep, you get famous with us!

We will be announcing the next competition very soon, so brace yourselves for another round of divine artistry. Meanwhile, you can tweet your suggestions for upcoming Players’ Gallery competitions with the hashtag #RSart.

Mod Phoenix
RuneScape Community Team

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