Players' Gallery 41: God Statues

This month, we introduced God Statues in game as a new Construction Distraction & Diversion. Gielinor has many gods, but only a few of them were powerful and lucky enough to be honoured by sculptures of their iconic champions.

RS God Symbols Players Gallery

Therefore, in the January Players’ Gallery competition, we would like to see all of you gifted artists come up with your own god statue designs – be it a hand drawing, digital art, sculpture, wood carving or a an edible tribute. There are no limits except your imagination, so go for the art technique that is closest to your heart. You can choose whichever god you like, whether it is one that your character follows in-game, or just one that you personally feel deserves the best statue in the whole Gielinor!

god statues juna

I - Mod Phoenix - employed my artistic skills in the last competition, with the result being a drawing of a phoenix bird falling into the mouth of a hungry beast, Bloodpouncer, and his confederate Skypouncer. This time, I will try to poke some other JMods to join us. Help me out by tweeting your demands with the hashtag #RSart!

We also have DeviantArt group that you should definitely check out, so why not join us there too?

Good luck, everyone!

Deadline: 1st February 2013


  • It must be your own work – no knock-offs, please!
  • Minimum resolution: 1280x720 px
  • Maximum size: 2 MB
  • Accepted formats: .jpg, .png, .gif
  • Email your entry to with your account name and title of your entry.


  • Winner:
    • RuneScape concept art, signed by our artists.
    • Feedback on your entry from one of our artists.
    • 50 spins
  • 2 runners-up:
    • 25 spins

Mod Phoenix
RuneScape Community Team

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