POH room increase and more

Today we are increasing the number of rooms that high-level builders can build in their houses. The room cap still starts off at 20, but at level 50 Construction it starts rising, to a maximum of 30 rooms at level 99 Construction. With this new cap in place, you can start making your house into your castle!

The equipped interface also gets a useful update, with the addition of a new button. This button will bring up a display showing what you're carrying and which items you get to keep if you die, as well as noting what is affecting this. Hopefully you'll be able to use this to make sure you don't lose all your favourite items to some dastardly dragon.

In other news...

A problem has been fixed whereby players who were inserting or swapping items between their inventory and bank would see the item they're dragging disappear behind the bank interface; this issue has now been rectified.

The rock golem's boulder attack from one of the random events was previously being negated by Protect from Melee. This has been modified so now the boulders can only be stopped via Protect from Missiles instead. It's best to just run away though or the rock golem might just splat you!

The mithril dragons' breath attack is now more consistent with other dragons; previously, Protect from Magic was slightly reducing the damage taken by players.

We've also made a change to players entering and exiting player-owned houses.

Players who enter player-owned houses may lose or gain Hitpoints whilst inside (e.g. by eating food or fighting monsters in the dungeon). Following today's update, if you leave a house with less Hitpoints than you had when you went in, it'll restore your Hitpoints back to the number you started with.


Player A enters a house on 20/50 Hitpoints. He eats and restores 20 Hitpoints, then leaves. He will leave with 40 Hitpoints.

Player B enters on 50/50 Hitpoints. He fights some monsters in the dungeon and takes 30 damage. He leaves the house and has his Hitpoints restored to 50/50.

Player C enters his house on 25/50 Hitpoints, he then leaves immediately. He will leave with 25 Hitpoints.

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