Poll 72 Game Improvements Blog

Poll 72 Game Improvements Blog

Poll #72


  • We have split the UIM question into three to gauge where the consensus is between the various answer choices.
  • We have clarified that players can exchange Spirit Tree saplings as well as Spirit Tree seeds for a seed pack.

Well well well, looks who's back for another Poll! It’s us, obviously.

After the feedback we received on Poll #71, we’d like to follow up on themed game improvement polls! This time around we’ll be focusing on skilling – so with that in mind, let’s get to the questions!

The Costume Room

In the latest edition of the Gielinor Gazette we proposed a rework for the Player Owned House costume room, including a snazzy new interface and the ability to accept incomplete sets and store spares. Be sure to read the information in the Gazette before you vote!

Question 1:
Should we rework the Player Owned House Costume Room as proposed?

We’re aware that the ability to store and withdraw incomplete sets from a Costume Room would make a huge difference for Ultimate Iron accounts. Perhaps you feel that your mode should change in turn with the rest of the game – or perhaps you feel that this update would make life in Gielinor too easy.

We'll use the following three questions to see which aspects of the update UIM are comfortable accepting. The chosen restrictions will apply to all the storage units in the Costume Room, including the Treasure Chest and the Armour Case.

Only Ultimate Iron accounts are eligible to vote on the following three questions. Others will be forced to skip.

Question 2:
If Question 1 passes, should Ultimate Iron players be allowed to deposit individual pieces?

Question 3:
If Question 1 passes, should Ultimate Iron players be allowed to withdraw individual pieces?

Question 4:
If Question 1 passes, should Ultimate Iron players be allowed to store duplicate pieces?

Over the years we’ve added all kinds of awesome armour to the game, but in turn the amount of storage space available hasn’t increased. So, as well as reworking the Costume Room storage, we’d like to increase the amount of armour that can be stored in the Magic Wardrobe and Armour Case at each tier.

We’d like to propose the following storage limits for the Magic Wardrobe:

Type Sets
Oak 7 Mage Sets
Carved Oak 14 Mage Sets
Teak 21 Mage Sets
Carved Teak 28 Mage Sets
Mahogany 35 Mage Sets
Gilded 42 Mage Sets
Marble Infinite Mage Sets

And for the Armour Case, we’re proposing the following:

Type Sets
Oak 25 Armour Sets
Teak 50 Armour Sets
Mahogany Infinite Armour Sets

If this question passes, the Cape Rack, the Fancy Dress Box and the Toy Box will stay the same. We feel that these furniture items already have plenty of storage space.

Question 5:
Should we increase the number of armour and mage sets you can store in the Magic Wardrobe and Armour Case, as outlined in the blog?

Farming and Herblore

Continuing along the skilling theme, we’d like to propose some quality of life changes for Farming and Herblore.

Zahur will clean unnoted herbs for 200gp – but this involves quite a few trips to the Bank and back if you’ve got a big stash of herbs to clean. Instead, we’d like to allow her to clean noted herbs too but only after you complete the Hard Desert Achievement Diary.

It’s worth noting that this method prevents you from earning the XP you’d get from cleaning the herbs yourself.

Question 6:
Should Zahur the herbalist in Nardah be able to clean banknoted herbs for 200GP each following completion of the Hard Desert Achievement Diary?

Speaking of, we’d also like to offer the ability to automatically clean all the herbs in your Inventory after the first one. You’ve already seen how this might work in the Chambers of Xeric and the Fletching skill. Just as in those cases, it will be faster to clean the herbs manually, which will remain an option should this question pass.

Question 7:
Should we implement the ability to automatically clean all the herbs in your Inventory after the first?

When snape grass was first introduced, the main way of obtaining it was still PvM loot drops. It made sense, at that time, that it would only degrade into regular compost.

But these days snape grass can be grown, and it requires a higher Farming level than other supercompost ingredients, such as watermelon. This creates an inconsistency that we’d like to fix.

Question 8:
Should snape grass decompose into supercompost instead of regular compost when added to a compost bin?

As useful as seaweed is, getting hold of the spores to grow them is quite difficult. We’d like to add them as a rare pickpocketing drop from Master Farmers to make them easier to collect. This method would be no faster than obtaining the random spores that appear underwater or killing Lobstrosities.

Question 9:
Should we add seaweed spores to the Master Farmers’ pickpocketing loot table? They would appear rarely.

Last but not least, we’d like to address Spirit Tree seeds. These kooky kernels are currently untradeable, which means that once you collect more of them than you have Spirit Tree patches remaining, they become virtually worthless. We’d like to make them more useful by allowing players to exchange their leftover Spirit Tree seeds or saplings for Tier 5 seed packs at the Farming Guild. One Spirit Tree seed or sapling, when exchanged, will give you one Tier 5 seed pack.

Question 10:
Should we allow players to exchange Spirit Seeds or saplings for Tier 5 seed packs at the Farming Guild as described in the blog?

Agility and Thieving

We’re kicking off our magical mystery tour in Gu’Tanoth, where we’d like to add an unlockable Agility shortcut to the hard clue scroll location nearby. To unlock the shortcut, you’d need 71 Agility and completion of the ‘Watchtower’ quest. This route would, of course, be faster than walking there and crossing the bridge.

Question 11:
Should we add a level 71 Agility shortcut to the Gu’Tanoth hard clue scroll location for players who have completed the ‘Watchtower’ quest?

Next up, we have the Rogues’ Den – a hive of scum, villainy and stylish outfits. To make the fiendish maze a little easier to handle, we’d like to allow the use of Stamina and Energy potions within the Den.

Question 12:
Should we allow players to bring Stamina and Energy potions into the Rogues’ Den?

Keeping on the Agility theme, we’d like to add the lap-count trackers found in Prifddinas and Ape Atoll to all Agility courses. It’s important to note here that this wouldn’t track retroactively – your lap count will start from zero if this update enters the game.

Question 13:
Should we add lap-count trackers to all Agility courses?

Teleport Tablets

We’d like to give players the option to make Teleport tablets for both the Ancient and Lunar spellbooks. Of course, the creation and use of such tablets would be locked behind their respective quests.

Creating the tablets would have the same requirements that current tablets have: the appropriate Magic level to cast the spell, the runes required to do so, and a secondary ingredient such as soft clay.

Question 14:
Should we add an Ancient Lectern to the Pyramid from Desert Treasure? This would allow players to make Ancient Teleport Tablets. Players would have to complete Desert Treasure before they could use or create the tablets.

Question 15:
Should we add a Lunar Lectern to Lunar Island? This would allow players to make Lunar Teleport Tablets. Players would have to complete Lunar Diplomacy before they could use or create the tablets.

Item Bags

Gem Bags are useful in a number of ways, but actually getting the gems out again is kind of a hassle. We’d like to allow players to withdraw all gems from a gem bag, starting with sapphires, until their Inventory is full. This would replace the ‘Empty’ default action on the Gem Bag.

Question 16:
Should we add the ability to withdraw all the gems from a Gem Bag into the Inventory, starting with sapphires?

Question 17:
Should stolen gems from Gem Stalls go straight into a Gem Bag?

We’d also like to change the functionality of the Coal Bag to allow the withdrawal of coal straight to the Bag from the Bank interface, similar to how rune pouches work. Currently, you can empty your Coal Bag into the Bank, but you cannot refill it again.

Question 18:
Should we allow players to fill their Coal Bag from the Bank?

Darkmeyer and the Hallowed Sepulchre

The Hallowed Sepulchre has been a roaring success, but we still feel like something’s missing: an excuse to keep coming back! In the initial design, the Dark Acorn was intended to be the grand prize from the Sepulchre – but once you’ve bought the Acorn, what more is there to strive for?

We’d like to propose a new item, purchasable from the Hallowed Sepulchre Store.

The Hallowed Treasure Sack would cost 100 Hallowed Marks, and when opened would yield loot worth approximately 100,000 Gold Pieces.

Question 19:
Should the Hallowed Treasure Sack, containing loot worth an average of 100,000 gold pieces, be made available in the Hallowed Sepulchre Reward Shop for 100 Hallowed Marks?

Question 20:
If Question 19 passes, should the Hallowed Treasure Sack contain a guaranteed 50 amylase crystals as part of the 100,000GP value of the sack?

If we were to add the Hallowed Treasure Sack to the Hallowed Sepulchre Store, there won't be a need for the Dark Acorn to be an expensive grand prize. Therefore we'd like to propose the following:

Question 21:
If Question 19 passes, should the Dark Acorn have its price decreased from 5,000 Hallowed Marks to 3,000 Hallowed Marks? Players who already own one will be refunded the difference if this question passes.

There are a number of tools that can help you overcome the trials of the Hallowed Sepulchre – but right now there’s nowhere to store them conveniently. We’d like to allow you to leave your tools with the Mysterious Stranger, the same way you’re currently able to store Farming gear with a Tool Leprechaun.

Question 22:
Should we allow players to store Hallowed Sepulchre tools with the Mysterious Stranger?

When we initially released Darkmeyer, the Blisterwood Tree offered 76 XP per log chopped. We later lowered these rates to 52 XP per log chopped – but we've seen feedback that you would like them raised again.

Question 23:
Should the XP per log chopped from the Blisterwood Tree be reset to 76 XP, as it was on the Darkmeyer release date?

Our next question deals with the Amulet of Blood Fury. We’d like to improve its HP drain ability, giving it a 20% chance to heal for 30% of the damage inflicted on Melee attacks.

For reference, the Amulet currently has a 10% chance to heal for 10% of Melee damage given.

Question 24:
Should the effect of the Amulet of Blood Fury be improved to have a 20% chance to heal for 30% of Melee damage inflicted?

Our next question deals with another Hallowed Sepulchre reward – the Dark Graceful set. We think it’s great, but shouldn’t it be... darker?

On the left is the current colour of Dark Graceful and on the right is the new version we'd like to propose.

Question 25:
Should we make the Dark Graceful outfit even darker, as pictured in the blog?


And now for the ‘everything else’ section! With the release of the Ferox Enclave and the subsequent migration of Clan Wars and Last Man Standing, the Desert Plateau is looking rather empty. Luckily, we’ve already found some prospective tenants in the form of a clan of hill giants. To keep on-theme, these hefty lads would drop steel scimitars and iron medium helms instead of steel longswords and iron full helms.

Question 26:
Should we add hill giants to the empty area east of Al Kharid as described in the Poll Blog?

Time for a blast from the past: the Saradomin Halo, currently available from Castle Wars, has a turquoise tint. Unfortunately, this is the colour associated with Seren, the elven goddess who appeared much later in the lore – and now that her Halo is available in game, the two of them are too easily confused. We’d like to update the Saradomin Halo to be more in-line with Saradomin’s colour scheme and general themes. You can see what this might look like in the image above.

Question 27:
Should we recolour the Saradomin Halo to better match Saradomin’s colour scheme and themes?

That's it! These questions are pending feedback before being polled. We will make edits, if any, to this blog directly before going to poll. Be sure to tell us your thoughts on Poll 72!

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