Poppy and the Patrons of Painís Valentineís Battlefield

Mod Poppy has teamed up with Kinky Spengo and the Pink Patrons of Pain to create a Valentineís Battlefield suited to the season of love. Traverse the icy chambers of a frozen heart, battle monsters and compete to capture the flag in a romantic rumble to end them all.

Huge thanks to Kinky Spengo and the clan for their help in creating the Battlefield. Full details of how to access it can be found on our official thread.

Think you could do better? Have an amazing idea for a brutal Battlefield to test your fellow clans? Battlefields are an awesome way to show off your clanís creativity to the community, so send in screenshots, videos, your Battlefield map and a description of your efforts to community@jagex.com. Weíll feature the very best on the thread for all to see.

To battle!

Mod Kathy

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