Postbag from the Hedge

Postie Pete is proud to announce the return of Postbag from the Hedge. His satchelís brimming with mail from Gielinorís denizens, including top kitchen tips from an abrasive sous chef; one Mejís insight into TzHaar obsidian crafting and his penchant for impling immolation; a curt response from Lord Drakanís household to an inquisitive blood-bag; and Junaís memories of a Guthixian gift. Thereís even a bonus account of the Chaos Elementalís most recent Movie Marathon, which may include a sneak preview of upcoming RuneScape content!

Click here to look at the letters, and to read about Postie Peteís tribulations in bringing them to you.

Peteís back in business, so start sending your questions for RuneScapeís inhabitants to

The RuneScape Team

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