Premier Club - ending soon!

Premier Club - ending soon!

You only have until 23:59 UTC on the 4th of February to take advantage of this winter’s jaw dropping membership-and-more deal!

Premier Club gives you unlimited access to all-things-RuneScape and everything else you would expect from membership, but with a smaller price tag and a great load of goodies to boot.

Here’s what you get with Gold Premier Club membership:

  • Twelve months’ membership for £49.99/$79.49/€71.29 or 20 bonds
  • The fearsome Hellion armour set and its accompanying Hellion Aura, with four beneficial effects (10% XP boost for one hour, free death reclaim within one hour, 10% advanced pulse core boost for ten minutes and a daily recharge)
  • Three Reward Tokens, spread over the year (which you can use to claim otherwise inaccessible Premier Club-exclusive outfits from previous years)
  • Monthly access to our new Premier Club-only D&D: the Premier Club Vault
  • Four content exclusives
  • One extra Key every day
  • 50% discount for RuneMetrics
  • 150,000 Loyalty Points
  • VIP World and Forum access
  • Forum and Chat badges
  • Premier Club-exclusive Q&As
  • Monthly prize draw
  • Access to Old School Premier Club’s Gold pack

  • NEW: Gold Premier Club members will now get a free Master Clue Scroll to coincide with the release of February’s Clue Scroll Overhaul, as promised by Mod Daze.

    With RuneScape mobile and much more on the near horizon, 2018 is the year to go for gold. But don’t miss out - the offer ends soon! Remember, you can always opt for Bronze or Silver and upgrade to Gold at a later date, should you choose to.

    We’ll see you in-game.

    The RuneScape Team

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