Price Increase: June 4th 2018

Price Increase: June 4th 2018
Price Increase: 4th June 2018

On 4th June 2018 we will be increasing the price of membership for new members and those who’ve been unsubscribed for more than 14 days. The price of Bonds will also be increasing. This decision is the result of a rise in development costs, as well as an increase in operating fees. The Old School RuneScape model is entirely subscription-based, and so to continue delivering great content we have to increase membership fees. The cost of Old School RuneScape's subscription fee still remains more than competitive when compared against other online games.

This will not affect those of you who are already subscribed. Any existing subscription agreement will be honoured for as long as it remains in effect. If you're a member and you don't lapse out as a member for more than 14 days, you're eligible to keep your current rate of membership. Subscribe now to secure access to all of Old School RuneScape's members' content at current prices.

We are committed to giving you the very best value for your membership, and with Dragon Slayer II already delivered, and Theatre of Blood currently undergoing development, we are confident that 2018 will be the the best year yet for Old School.

The prices shown below will come into effect on 4th June 2018.

1 Month
3 Month
6 Month
12 Month

1 Bond
3 Bonds
5 Bonds
10 Bonds

Thank you for your ongoing support. Please visit our FAQ if you have any further questions.

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