Protecting your Account - Cybersecurity Month 2023

Protecting your Account - Cybersecurity Month 2023

Disclaimer: Rest assured, the design teams are hard at work addressing your feedback around the recent Forestry release and Perilous Moons blog, and we'll update you on those as soon as possible. This blog is intended to celebrate October being Cybersecurity month, and focuses on educating players on how best to protect their accounts.

October isnít just spooky season - itís also Cybersecurity Awareness Month. And what could be scarier than the thought of losing your hard-earned loot and levels?

While ghosts and vampires may not be real, malicious individuals are - so we want to highlight all the tools at your disposal for the highest level of protection. Chief among them is Jagex Accounts, the new system that offers enhanced safeguards among other benefits! Weíll also be looking at whatís next for Jagex Accounts, and how to fully utilise yours for maximum security.

Remember, these security measures are only as good as the ones protecting your email (and any other devices you use to secure your account). Make sure you have Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) and other recommended security steps in place on any email addresses or devices associated with your account!

General Safety Tips

While Jagex Accounts are at the cutting edge of security for Old School, it's up to all of us as individuals to stay vigilant online. So, alongside using a Jagex Account, here are a few more ways you can keep your stuff safe.

Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)

This extra layer of security asks you to confirm your login with a code (sent to either your linked device or email) before you can access your account. Most email providers will encourage you to apply 2FAs to your email accounts, but you should use them wherever you can.

Email Vigilance

While Jagex Accounts-related emails will give you a link to access the part of the site you require, itís important to exercise caution, because emails can be replicated and seem legitimate. Always:

  • Check the address an email is sent from.
  • Keep an eye out for any obvious or repetitive grammatical errors.
  • If you're ever unsure, avoid any links, and log in directly to the website.

Password Safety

We're sure you've seen this point come up time and time again, but itís important enough that it bears repeating! Make sure you're using passwords that aren't easy to guess, with numbers, letters, special characters and capitalisation. Use different passwords across every website you use.

If you're worried about forgetting all your brilliantly random passwords, there are some fantastic Password Managers out there that can remember them all for you... just make sure to protect that account as much as possible too! Remember that itís even easier to set up and use a Password Manager with Jagex Accounts too.

Bad Actors

While our players can passionately disagree with each other about the latest updates, or which stairs you should take up Lumbridge Castle, the majority won't be hoping to snaffle your private information. With that being said, always be careful when talking with other players in and out of the game. Whether they are asking you seemingly Ďinnocentí questions about your grandmother's last name or persuading you to download a plugin in order to make your next raid completion a bit smoother, do your due diligence and always ask yourself whether this seems okay.

Sharing Details

Donít share any of your account details with anybody else, or with any unofficial site, no matter how much you trust them. It's one of the most common reasons we see accounts being hijacked. Malicious individuals will try to lull you into a sense of security before nabbing your details. Keep it secret and keep it safe! We will never ask for your login information, and certainly not for a password, so you've no reason to ever give your password out to anybody.

Bank PIN

Now for something more Old School-specific. Your Bank contains all the goodies you've earned during your time in Gielinor, so it needs to be watertight. It's always best to apply a four-digit Bank PIN, so if any malicious individuals do manage to get onto your account, thereís one more thing they need before they can get their hands on your hoard.

Jagex Accounts

One of the most straightforward steps towards protecting your big-time gains and 1KC drops is by using a Jagex Account. This is the newest frontline defence available, and has other benefits too - you can have multiple characters saved to your account, and it remembers all your details while offering top-tier protection. You can click the button below to upgrade today!

Released in Open Beta earlier this year, all players are now able to upgrade their accounts to this new and improved system. For some extra context, and for those who are still wary of our new system, the majority of reported hijackings of Jagex Accounts result from an account holder giving away all their login info directly to phishing or a third party, and granting them access with an authentication token in the same instance.

So, let's break down how you would benefit from converting to a Jagex Account.

Two-Factor Authentication

Youíll need to set-up some form of 2FA in order to create, access and upgrade to a Jagex Account. This means you'll have an extra level of protection from the get-go! Use a clean device with 2FA for the safest experience.

Super-Complex Passwords

What's better than using all 26 letters of the alphabet and numbers 0 - 9? Being able to use all types of special characters such as ?, #, @, * & more! Whatís more, Jagex Account passwords accept capitalisation which means you can r4Nd0m!Se your passwords to your heart's content.

Email Verification & Notifications

Youíll need to validate your account from your inbox, so there's no chance of signing up to Jagex Accounts with an email you can't access. Youíll also receive emails notifying you whenever your account logs in, or when any details are changed, meaning you can stay alert to any suspicious activity!

Enhanced Recovery

With better protection comes better recovery. Not only will you have to validate any details via email and/or 2FA, you can also enable backup codes which offer a last resort option if you've forgotten your details and can't access your Authenticator. Make sure to keep these backup codes safe and never share them with anyone!

Upgraded Defence

Jagex Accounts offer enhanced protection against bots and brute-force attacks, as you'll always need to validate a login. With a Jagex Account, you're only able to play through the official mobile client or through the Jagex Launcher, which gives you access to the official client and officially recognised third party applications.

However, please be careful with any plugins you install on recognised third party clients, as some of them may not be 100% safe - be wary of players who tell you to download anything else, as it might be malware!

Ongoing Improvements

Since going into Open Beta in March, the team has strived to make Jagex Accounts the safest way to protect your account and play your favourite 2007 backup, point-and-click MMO. Here are some of the additional features weíve added:

  • Increased the amount of characters from 10 to 20.
  • Allowed re-ordering of characters.
  • Introduced a system to identify and easily import relevant accounts.
  • Added the option to hide characters from you character list.

Extra Benefits

Not only are Jagex Accounts the safest option, they have other benefits too! As you know, attaching an Authenticator to your account gets you an additional 20 Bank Spaces, and since Jagex Accounts are the next step up in security, we think itís fitting that upgrading should nab you another 20 Bank Spaces!

For those of you who for some reason havenít added an Authenticator, upgrading to a Jagex Account will net you an 40 extra Bank Spaces in one fell swoop Ė after all, Jagex Accounts have an Authenticator built in, so youíll be even more secure than before!

Upcoming Benefits

We're looking to improve the Stronghold of Security in the very near future, as it doesnít cover the most recent rule changes or highlight the benefits of Jagex Accounts. Weíre going to update the questions asked by the Security Doors, and related NPC dialogue options. Donít worry Ė the layout and everything else you love about this iconic location wonít change.

We've also discussed giving Jagex Account holders the option to receive somethingÖ fancierÖ from the Cradle of Life, and we can finally showcase what that is!

No longer will you need to pick sides between fancy and fighting boots - anyone with a Jagex Account will soon be able to claim the Fancier Boots which take the best elements from the iconic styles and merge them into one love letter for your feet... snug, snazzy and strong!

Count Check

Long ago, RuneScape had a random event featuring a security guard who'd turn up in various locations and hand out books of security advice. He retired to Port Sarim long ago, but the Lumbridge Security Vampyre is about to take on the mantle (he literally wears a mantle, in fact).

Count Check will be turning up for random account checks and handing out XP lamps (like the Genie) If he's satisfied with your security arrangements. To meet his exacting standards, youíll need a Jagex Account - or Steam Guard if you're on a Steam account - and a Bank PIN (unless you're a UIM).

The Count can still be found in Lumbridge Graveyard if you want a check on demand. Provided you pass his checks, and haven't had one from him before, heíll give you a Lamp.

Count Check's update is due in November, along with updates to the Stronghold of Security.

The Future of Jagex Accounts

Now you know about the current benefits for Jagex Accounts, let's take a look into the future of our shiny new account system!

The benefits of Jagex accounts are inherently linked with the Jagex Launcher. We see these as interconnected projects to improve security and the player experience across all Jagex games. As part of our continued rollout of these new systems, from November 7th new players will require a Jagex Account to access the Jagex Launcher. If you have an existing RuneScape Account Logged in you will not be impacted by this until you log out, at which point you will need to upgrade. In addition to this, at some point in the near future we will require all new characters to be created via Jagex accounts.

We have also seen feedback in regards to switching accounts on Mobile. This is something both the team and players feel needs improving and we're having ongoing discussions about how and when we could make this process smoother and more efficient. Weíll keep you updated!

Stay safe out thereÖ

That should be everything you need to know about account security right now! The key takeaway is that Jagex Accounts is the best way to protect yourself and your accomplishments, but also that itís important to remain vigilant. If you've got any more queries and questions about Jagex Accounts and how they can help you, make sure to check out the website or take a look at the previous Jagex Accounts newspost with a handy FAQ and guide on how to upgrade!

You can also discuss this update on our official forums, on the 2007Scape subreddit, the Steam forums, or the community-led OSRS Discord in the #gameupdate channel. For more info on the above content, check out the official Old School Wiki.

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