QoL and Treasure Trails Feedback Changes

QoL and Treasure Trails Feedback Changes
This week sees the release of some of the QOL changes from Old School Content Poll #66 and feedback changes after last weeks Treasure Trail expansion. We're also opening applications to playtest upcoming content!

QoL Changes

Salve Amulet (ei)

The Salve amulet (ei) has been recoloured to make it distinct from the Salve amulet (e).

Dramen Staff

The Dramen staff is no longer an autocasting weapon. This will prevent it disrupting the autocast settings on other staves that are more commonly used for combat.

Bird Houses

Bird houses now have a left click/tap 'build' option which will erect the best bird house in your inventory providing you have the required Hunter level.

Shilo Village

Mosol Rei now has a left click/tap 'follow' option to quickly gain entry to Shilo village, skipping the area with the Undead Ones. This will be the default after completing the Shilo Village quest.

Easter Event 2019

This years Easter event is still running! Make sure to help out the Easter bunny before Thursday (25/04/2019) when the event closes! Find him north of Falador to lend a hand gathering the ingredients needed to make fuel for his egg making machine.

As always, completing this year's Easter event will unlock all the previous Easter holiday event rewards as well as some brand new ones! We hope you find them egg-cellent!

The Gauntlet and Zalcano Playtesting

Those of you who read our first Song of the Elves poll blog will know that we're introducing a brand new solo PvM post-quest challenge called the Gauntlet alongside a skilling boss called Zalcano. If you missed it, all the details can be found here.

We're at a point in development where we'd like you to playtest this content! We want to know how they should be tweaked and balanced so they offer the right level of challenge and are rewarding to play. If you are a UK player interested in applying for an invitation, please fill out this survey. We'll be asking for basic account details (display name, stats etc.), contact details (to let you know if you're invited) and availability.

The playtesting will happen at Jagex HQ over two days (travel and stay covered) and will include a tour of the office as well as a chance to hang out with the Old School team. We look forward to seeing you!

Merch Store Additions

Make sure to visit our merch store which has just been updated! the latest additions are here just in time for Easter so make sure to celebrate by pulling on your very own pair of Fancy socks!

We're also releasing two new pins to the Angels Scapes range - the Easter Girl and Chicken Suit pins! Angels Scapes Mystery Bags are also now available. These will contain a random selection of 3 keyrings or pins from the Angels Scapes range including a 1/10 chance to get a sold out Limited Edition loot!

In Other News

We will be closing the Attack Style change support ticket on the 22nd of April 2019. Following the ticket closure, we will present the names for inspection checks and process them for XP removal in one final batch. We thank you for your patience during the rollback process.

The PvP rota is switching over to Period B. On the east of the Atlantic, host the Standard PvP world (W25, UK) and the F2P PvP world (W71, UK). On the west of the Atlantic, host the Bounty Hunter world (W19, USA) and the High Risk PvP world (W37, USA).

Beginner clue drops have been added to the following:
  • 100% drop chance for Bryophyta and Obor.
  • Hill giants
  • Ice giants
  • Moss giants
  • Muggers
  • Dwarves
  • Skeletons
  • Hobgoblins
Other changes:
  • POH painted helmets, shields and banners crested with Saradomin, Zamorak and Guthix symbols now act correctly as God items.
  • The tomb of Rashiliyia has been changed from a multiway combat zone to a single way combat zone.
  • An issue whereby adding beginner clues to skilling drops (Fishing, Mining, Woodcutting) decreased the chances of other clue types by a small % was fixed.
  • The colour of the gold trim on the Climbing boots has been changed to match other gold trimmed items.
  • The 3rd age plateskirt no longer disappears on the floor from certain angles.
  • Players can no longer spawn multiple Saradomin and Zamorak wizards during hard clues.
  • Grand Exchange prices of newly released Treasure Trail rewards have been calibrated to avoid scamming.
  • The Mage Arena II miniquest journal now shows correct requirement text if you need to cast the god spells one more time to unlock them outside the Mage Arena.
  • Perdu's shop now shows the updated appearance of Karamja gloves.
  • A typo has been fixed on display cases in Varrock Museum.
  • Vesta's Spear now works as a spear for damaging the Corporeal Beast (DMM).
  • Torn Master clue scroll parts have been updated to the new design.
  • Some typos in the Easter event were fixed.
  • A typo was fixed in the Ranged skill guide.
  • The messages that appear when using Secateurs on fully grown trees in Farming patches have been clarified.
  • W493 has been made a themed world for Pyramid Plunder.
  • The Ring of 3rd age can no longer be used in the Wilderness.

Discuss this update on our official forums, the community-led 2007Scape Reddit, or the community-led OSRS Discord in the #gameupdate channel. For reference on the above content, check out the official Wiki.

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