Quest Journals and Chompy Hats

Quest Journals

We have now greatly improved the in game quest interface. Clicking on a quest in your quest menu will now bring up a journal recording what has been achieved so far by your character on that quest.
As well as giving an interesting record of your characters past glories, we think this will be very useful for people who start a quest and then stop doing it for a little while. This will give them a good reminder on what point they are up to.
It will also be very useful when we release the sequels for quests for people to be able to reread the story so far.

Chompy Bird Hats

As some of you will know, once you have finished the Big Chompy Bird Hunting quest you can start to get ranks as a chompybird hunter. This rank is based on the number of the birds you have killed.
There is now a hat for each rank of Ogre bowman and upwards. Each hat looks different so other players can see roughly how many chompybirds you have killed.
Get your hat by showing the notches on your ogre bow to Rantz.

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