Questing Weekend For All!

It’s a little-known secret, but questing is at its best when you’ve got companions in tow. You get to share items, puzzle solutions, and boss tactics, all while being swept along with the story. Problem is, not everyone on your friend list may have the requirements, or they might've gone and completed the quest without you! So inconsiderate...

That’s where the Questing Weekend comes in! From today to midnight Sunday (BST), free players and members can find like-minded buddies to take on any quest they are stuck on, including Ritual of the Mahjarrat, which a whole host of people will be puzzling, jumping and battling through. Taking part is simple – log in this weekend and join the dedicated friends chat channels ‘Questing Lounge’ and ‘Activitychat’.

The event runs all this weekend, from now until midnight Sunday 18th (BST). Check out the dedicated forum thread for more details!

Mod Crow
Community Team

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