Quick Poll: RuneFest 2012 Location

While our bodies may have only just recovered from the massive celebration that was RuneFest 2011, our heads are already filled with excitement at the thought of Runefest 2012!

Our crack team of RuneFest organisers are now embedded deep in the studio working around the clock dreaming up our biggest and best RuneFest ever.

Since RuneFest 2011, we’ve been inundated with questions about RuneFest 2012 and the most popular question by far has been: "Where will it be?". We’ve not answered that question because, well, there are just so many major factors to consider that we don’t actually know yet. One such factor is, of course, what you think.

So, which city do you think should host RuneFest 2012?

- New York
- Los Angeles
- Chicago
- London

Today we launch a quick poll for you to tell us your preferred city. We can’t guarantee that the most popular city will host Runefest 2012, but we can promise you that your opinion is an essential part of that decision making process.

The poll can be found on the main page of Runescape.com and is open for the next two weeks. That should give you just enough time to rally support for your chosen host city.

Can’t wait to see the results!

The RuneFest Team

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