Quiet Before the Swarm

Quiet Before the Swarm

Quiet Before the Swarm is the first in a new series of Void Knight content (three quests and one activity), which will come to a conclusion in the coming months. The series will involve all of the main orders of knights in RuneScape, but revolves around the mysterious Void Knights and their long-running struggle to prevent their greatest fear – a full-on pest invasion of RuneScape.

For too long, the Void Knights have been diligently, yet quietly, fighting their battle against the pests in Pest Control. In this quest, you will travel to the Void Knights’ Outpost to inquire about the possibility of a pest slipping past their vigil and escaping onto the mainland. There, you’ll put your investigative and puzzle-solving skills to the test, wading through a torrent of small community squabbles to discover who could do such a thing.

The time has come to put names to the Void Knights’ faces and get inside their heads (literally, in some cases!) as you unscramble thoughts, guide broken memories into place and fight your way to the truth – but the truth is never black and white; there are always shades of grey...

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Mod Nancy
Senior RuneScape Content Developer


Where to start Quiet Before the Swarm:

Speak to Sir Tiffy in Falador Park.

Requirements to start Quiet Before the Swarm:

Imp Catcher
Level 42 Strength
Level 35 Attack
Completed at least one game of Pest Control

In other news...

We’ve changed the animations for all of the Strike, Bolt, Blast, Wave and Surge spells (for all four elements). These spells now use some of the game engine's newer features such as particles, and have updated sound effects to accompany them.

We’ve added a smithing anvil to the town of Lumbridge, which can be found next to the furnace that's a short distance north of Lumbridge Castle.

It is now much easier to obtain hunting supplies from the ruined boat in the penguin area.

We've added a counter for the friends and ignore interfaces in the lobby and in-game, so you can see how many entries are in each list and how many more spaces you have available.

You can now set a marker position or waypoint on the World Map. You'll then get a hint arrow to help you get there! Also, scrolling the mouse wheel over the World Map will now zoom in/out focused upon the location of your mouse cursor.

It’s now faster and more efficient to churn cheese. When churning, you will now create wheels of cheese. While these wheels cannot be traded, they can be sliced into vast quantities of cheese which can be. Furthermore, you’ll get a little Cooking experience for each piece of cheese you slice. Each cheese wheel will give you a minimum of five pieces of cheese, but the higher your Cooking level, the more cheese you’re likely to get. In addition, new milk-seller NPCs can be found wandering near the dairy cows and dairy churns.

We’ve updated the climbing boots that you are able to buy after starting the Death Plateau quest. The price of existing boots will be increased to be more appropriate in relation to their usefulness (i.e. their combat stats). A new, second type of climbing boot will be provided to enable questers to complete the quest for the same low cost they used to be able to (the climbing boots for the quest will not have combat stats). You can buy either type of boots from Tenzing the Sherpa in his hut on the path to Death Plateau.

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