Rag and Bone Man

If you are travelling along the road from Varrock to the Temple on the River Salve, you might notice the camp of the Rag and Bone Man, who is looking for help, and would not turn down a hand, leg, or any other bone to be honest! His expanding collection needs to be finished off.

Low level players will be able to help him complete the bare bones of the quest. More experienced players will then be able to help him further and get extra rewards. Good luck and bone voyage!

Armour model changes

You will find that we've altered the appearance of a small number of armour items in this week's update, including chainmail tops, the camoflage kit and certain pieces of kit found in the Barrows. These changes are to make the models more flexible for animating. With these changes it will allow us to do more impressive animations of your characters in the future.

Of course some players will prefer the new models, whereas others will prefer the old ones. But once you also bear in mind that as well having an improved new look, this allows a greater range of animations, we feel it's definitely worth the change.

The combat stats of the items will not be affected in any way.

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